Hire me, all the cool people are doing it 😀

A short-haired brunette femme smiling at the camera. They are wearing a black top, and against a faded green background.

See? I’m eminently hire-able.

I am currently available for:

  • commissioned fiction and poetry
  • magazine articles (SF, science, technology, minority-related topics)
  • sensitivity reading
  • proofreading
  • developmental edits
  • line editing
  • speaking and presentation

To reach me, please use my contact form.  I’ll be the only person seeing your message. Make sure to use a viable email address in the form so that I can respond to you, and allow 24-48 business hours for a preliminary response.

We can negotiate rates in private. I have discounts if you are buying more than one kind of service: e.g., proofreading and sensitivity reading on the same manuscript. I am a professionally published author and I can help you get your work all tidied up and ready for submission!

If you want to pay me hourly rates for consultation, I can do in person or Skype, $50 / hour. This is different from speaking fees, which we can negotiate on a case-by-case basis.

You can find specific rates below! Everything not listed below is subject to negotiation.

Commissioned writing

Prose – both fiction and nonfiction: 6 cents / word or above, or similar flat rate (e.g., $250 / short story)
Poetry: $50 / poem

I am open to negotiating, especially if you buy a larger amount, or will be a recurring client.

I write:

  • speculative fiction and poetry
  • non-speculative fiction and poetry (e.g. wedding poetry for announcements or reading at the service)
  • pop-culture reviews and criticism
  • technology and gaming
  • marginalization-related and political topics
  • ….anything we negotiate
  • And yes, I do write erotica, with some firm limits (snuff, medical abuse, real-person fic, and others — I’ll let you know).


I do not ask money for reviews from authors due to the obvious conflict of interest that creates. If you want me to review your book, just send me a copy after you’ve read my reviews policy. (Which includes the fact that I do not review all the material I receive from authors.)

If you are a magazine who wants to publish an original review from me, my usual rates for prose apply, unless otherwise negotiated – and I will probably also need the book.

You can reprint my reviews on this site for free if you abide by my licensing terms and do not do this for profit. For profit, I’ll take your magazine’s usual reprint rates, but no lower than $10. If you have advertising on your site, that counts as profit.

I do enforce my licensing terms to the full extent afforded to me by law.

Speaking and presentation

I am very happy to present on any of the above topics. I have extensive public speaking experience and am comfortable presenting both live and remotely. If I am presenting in person, you will need to pay for my travel in addition to my speaking fees, which we can negotiate on a case-by-case basis.

I live in suburban Philadelphia, PA, so please take that into account when estimating my travel expenses. I do need at least a month of advance notice for anything outside the Philadelphia metro area, due to childcare.

Sensitivity reading

  • Sensitivity reading, full manuscript – $250
  • Novella – $150
  • Novelette – $75
  • Short story – $50

You pay half upfront, via Paypal or bank transfer, half when I sent you my comments. Same rate for adult and YA/MG – yes, YA/MG novels are shorter, but they usually need more sensitivity comments in my experience.

I can and am willing to read about all my marginalizations. If I notice something not related to my marginalizations which feels problematic to me, I can give you ideas who you can ask – I know many people who do sensitivity reading, and I’m happy to recommend them. (I do this free of charge if I’m already reading your manuscript. If you only need me to find you a reader, see below!)

Any genre, any level of violence is OK, sexual content is also OK, body horror too. I do ask for advance warning specifically on medical abuse – if your hero is strapped to a table and experimented on to get his superpowers, I’ll read it, but I do require a heads-up on this in particular. For other topics mentioned above, I would appreciate if you’d mention them in your email as applicable to your manuscript, just so that I know what to expect.

Brief sensitivity question – $15 if you are a business entity or nonprofit organization. For individuals I often answer for free, but you can always buy me cookies. 😀

“Find me a sensitivity reader with X marginalization” – $15 (both from business entities and individuals), paid after I found you a reader. Please also check the Writing in the Margins database, which is totally free and IMO a great service.

I will keep your material confidential. I will also send you an agreement before your first payment – it has various details about the entire process.

This page was modified from the Hire Me page on Bogi Reads The World, with thanks for eir graciousness. It is licensed Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International 

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