If you’ve been wondering where to dip your toes into the Mangoverse — Shira Glassman’s wonderful queer-friendly universe full of magic, Jewish lore, and happy endings — Tales from Perach, the fifth Mangoverse book, is a delightful place to start. A collection of bite-sized bits of Mango, tasty and light, this unapologetically fluffy collection is a great evening’s read, and will whet your appetite for more. Some of the stories may contain sidelong spoilers for other books, but I breezed past them so quickly I couldn’t even really tell you that they were there.

Hungry for representation? How about tales of trans folks that deal with everyday life, and not high angst and tragedy? A queen and her wife who set the new standard for relationships in their country? An adorable day spent on a scavenger hunt by a guard and her girlfriend that sounds like one of the most fun dates ever? And if you want something a little bit less fluffy to round out your meal, the collection contains two tales of heroic Jewish womanhood.

Shira Glassman has given us the heroes we deserve. I recommend all Mangoverse books, I won’t lie, but I truly enjoyed Tales from Perach, and it’s a must-have addition for anyone in search of positive Jewish and/or queer representation, or anyone who just loves good short fantasy.

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