16 Signs Of Feminine Energy Being Suppressed

June 15, 2022

– Feeling like if you don’t do it no one will
– Feeling pressure to hustle and make it happen
– Being uncomfortable with romance and sensuality
– Trying to get others to “get it”
– Defending or explaining your needs & requests
– Boredom
– Feeling uncomfortable when complimented
– Feeling uncomfortable when someone gifts you things or takes care of you.
– Disconnected from nature
– Needing to “babysit” your team or employees
– Feeling like everyone you hire (hair cuts etc) does a bad job
– Life feels rushed
– What you spend your time doing feels like a “have to” rather than a desire
– Not clear how you really feel or what you really desire
– Nagging & complaining

It’s a feeling of wishing to be taken care of, wishing to be cherished, adored, and SAFE.

The mistake is when we think this comes from an external place… And it can, but it starts with truly allowing infinite feminine energy to flow.

And in order to let it flow, we must know how to associate with it. What it is and what it isn’t.
This is not some mystery!!
It’s just often explained as some mysterious comped thing- but it’s actually quite simple, just requires courage.

m xx

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