6 Things I Had To Realize In Order To Break Through To The Top 10% In The World

November 21, 2021

1. I KNEW… if one person could do it… I COULD DO IT. I truly knew that if anyone could SO COULD I… I just had to have the stamina and heart to stay in it until I figured it out.

There have been about 20 times in the last 3 years that I truly wanted to quit… wanted to give in, ease up, back off… and came really close… but I always knew… if they did it… I AM ABLE… it is in me because we are all the same.

2. I had to have the courage to INVEST in myself and back myself well before I was ready. I had to DECIDE that it was going to work BEFORE I had any proof that it would work. It was the act of deciding and BACKING MYSELF that actually brought success and freedom.

My first investment was $25k… $2k a month… and I decide that WAY before I ever made $2k a month. I had NO CLUE how I was going to make that work. NO CLUE. I sat on the kitchen floor crying and worked really hard to try to make the pressure someone else’s problem. TO NO AVAIL. lol … I had no choice but to learn to adjust my nervous system and behavior to make it work.

My next investment was $3k a month AFTER being hurt really bad by my first mentor… and being terrified to be manipulated and treated poorly again… AND now scaling the investment which was now on top of having a full-time assistant. I CRIED my way through again… more like temper tantrums and fits this time…

Next was a $6k a month investment plus the cost of travel… and I remember clearly feeling like I was going to throw up on this one. I couldn’t believe I was spending $6k on ONE mentor!! Then… after only 6 months I hired a second mentor for another $3800 a month.

I NEVER ONCE felt ready… I just felt determined… and I had learned to trust myself to always make it work. To always BECOME who I needed to become in order to make it happen. TO SCALE.

3. I had to believe it was ok for me to THRIVE, and I had to learn boundaries. I had to learn to say NO… to treat my business like it was already a $20k/ month business well before it was.

People didn’t like this… a lot like a kid hearing NO for the first time… but I KNEW I WAS CALLED TO BE AN EXAMPLE OF THRIVING… and that requires others to acclimate to my new way of being. (And they did… and those who didn’t were free not to, I just adjusted myself accordingly.)

4. I had to MASTER the skills required to serve my people well and hold a powerful container for them. I had to learn the SKILLS. It sucked learning at first. Tech, platforms, sales, Coaching, Copy, Graphics, payment systems, membership areas… how to hire, how to manage a team, SOP’s, ONNN AND ONNNN.

I simply decided if that’s what it took to create stability, wealth, and freedom… and serve the people I was here to serve… I’D BE THE BEST DAMN COPYWRITER (and other things) on the planet.

5. I knew and understood this was about BEING happy… and in the JOY I felt from having shown up fully to back my dreams… others would be DRAWN to the joy. It wasn’t ME they were drawn to… it was the LIEF they knew was available for them being reflected back to them they were drawn to… and the closer they got to me the more they calibrated to the success and freedom I had.

100% of this was always about BACKING MYSELF… way before I felt ready, accepting the skills required, and giving myself what I needed to show up and crush the day.

This isn’t complex… it’s just unusual.
80% of this was simply one moment after another of being brave and backing my dreams, and not letting the gripping fear win.

You are going to feel fear… that is your compass showing you where to GO… not where to ease back.

YOU CANNOT GROW without being under pressure… the goal was never to be under pressure… the goal was learning for pressure to FEEL GOOD… because you know THAT’S WHAT GROWING FEELS LIKE.


The end.
I love you

m xx

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