Anything Is Possible

November 18, 2021


What a freakin’ epic journey this has been!!!!
I’m celebrating so hard right now.

I have an organized, easy, flow-based business where I can travel, play and grow all I desire to.

I have the most extraordinary clients who TRULY show up and DO IT
UNTIL. And the breakthroughs in their life are amazing!

I have the most loving caring team who makes me and all my clients feel so taken care of and loved.

Money is flowing, I am acclimating to this new level and the fire is roaring.

I just reorganized the business today to really hold this new me, and this new vision. (Note: most FB lives will be in the Curiously Free ® FB group now!)
I’m 13 lb from my goal weight, feeling aligned and energized.

I feel so blessed I could just cry!! or scream, or eat moong soup

Now to continue my wellness journey, my soul evolution and I do believe we are finally ready to scale again!! Eeee!!!

Are you ready for this ride?????

m xx

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The Vision For Healing

We communicate powerfully and lovingly. We effortlessly navigate tough conversations and tough circumstances. We walked together hand in hand to get through ending the abuse of our lineage. When I bring things to his attention it’s in my power, with grace and love.

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Releasing The Story Of How It Supposed To Be

Back when I was escaping the crazy, I hyper-focused on work and made a million in 25 months from nothing… and it often feels tempting to hyper-focus again.
I moved, got divorced and got me and the kids into a safe space.
I thought… well, this is it.
Now I can just relax and enjoy life.
And for a year, that’s exactly what we did.
Little did I know… this is where the REAL work would begin.

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It’s Been One Year

It’s been one year, today. This morning we sat and talked about everything that has transformed our first year together as we celebrate our first anniversary since the day we met…I feel butterflies everywhere writing this.

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The Bell Story

There’s a story about this bell…I got it from my mother’s friend 23 years ago and have never once put it on a tree.
I was 19 and a newly single mother.
She told me…. “One day you will hang this on a tree with a man who loves you and makes you feel safe.”
I kept this bell year after year.

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