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3D & 5D Business Explained…

In 3D business we are successful by finding our “why”, drive and willpower.
It can be brilliantly fun and also, it feels like a lot of pressure to keep finding the reasons to want to show up so powerfully and relentlessly.
It’s a drive of wanting a thing and wanting it now.

My Secret Trick For When I Don’t Feel Like Showing Up For My Business…

Today I’m feeling emotional about Calvin leaving.
Feeling distracted by organizing and decorating for fall.
Wandering around.
Text flirting with my lover.
And feel a burning desire to finish the sales page for the new course. #human

Actually, I Don’t Believe In The “Worthy Of It Concept” …

I will probably use that language forever and ever because it has healed me… and I know it heals others…
I want to FEEL worthy. It feels good.
But… truthfully… it’s a little irrelevant.
Are you worthy of it? Always.
Are you a match for it… idk.
Your decisions say it all.

Phase 2
Phase 2

Ok… I’ve cried my tears and now I feel BIG RELIEF.
I feel my power returning…
I have such a clear understanding that it’s time to put my focus and attention on building this EPIC YEAR now.

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Our Clients Move When We Do
Our Clients Move When We Do

When we truth tell, they do too.
When we show up, they do too.
When we follow through, they do too…
WHEN WE HAVE COURAGE, they do too…

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Why The Most Powerful Humans Online Feel Lonely Often
Why The Most Powerful Humans Online Feel Lonely Often

and what to do when we do…
1. WE ALL feel lonely sometimes. It’s normal.
It means we feel and have longings. If we didn’t we wouldn’t be
IT DOESN’T mean you are unlovable.
IT DOESN’T MEAN you have to fix yourself.
IT DOESN’T MEAN you aren’t the “cool kid” because you don’t have a
lover or plans or whatever else.

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