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When The Real You Is Burning To Emerge…

She was never really safe to tell the uncomfortable truth about how she REALLY felt…
She sensed her full expression was not allowed and slowly, she began to suffocate in this reality.
She began to judge herself for letting it out.
She wished so bad she could just be more disciplined, more pleasant…
She judged herself and hurt herself into submission…

It’s Time For Us Powerful Souls To Shake Off The Anxious, Insecure BS…

(And have solid boundaries that allow our genius to come shining through…)
When you have been sexually assaulted or pressured… and your boundaries have been violated again and again… you begin to believe that your body does not belong to you.

Feminine Magnetism Includes Allowing Others To See And Know That We Are Disappointed

You are allowed to have had BIG HUGE HOPES that it would work out how you wanted, and then be completely disappointed… and you are allowed to do it publicly as Soul led online entrepreneurs.

When Something Is Dead… Move Accordingly
When Something Is Dead… Move Accordingly

When you know in your heart that it is dead… it is not aligned… it is not for you…
In business.
In love.
In life.
I learned in the Marines – Adapt & Overcome.
And it has served me well.

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