>> We came to WIN

>> We came to WIN <<

???????? Not for the stuff.
???????? Not to prove anything to anyone.
???????? Not because we have to or something bad will happen…

AND definitely not because we have to.

We came to WIN because that’s what happens when we give our very best.

That’s what LOVE looks like.

We came to WIN because it’s what makes our soul breathe.

We came to WIN because we are here to LIVE LIFE ALL IN. Holding nothing back.

So when we are 95 looking back at life we know we showed the *** up and left nothing on the table.

Because we are meant to be ALIVE. AWAKE.
Turned ON.

And the little excuses and fears hardly hold us back.

>> What if I fail?
So I fail.
I learn and go again.

>> What if it all feels like too much?
Then it feels like too much and we learn to adjust it so it feels just right.

>> What if others think I’m an egotistical wack job?
Oh, for sure they will.
But you aren’t here for them.
You are here for the humans who are searching for the very answers you hold.
The very inspiration you naturally are.
The very caliber you live life at.
The way you think and teach.
Your personality and demeanor.

What’s the alternative?
Watch someone else’s fake life on TV?
Drink the boredom away?
Eat the fear?

Maybe pick a fight so we are soooo damn bored waiting for life to somehow be exciting?

hahaha #human (wincing)

It’s time now.
Maybe you need someone to tell you that nothing else ever needed to be any different than it is.
Everything is ok. ❤️
It’s all literally, exactly where it needs to be to get to where you want to go.


Maybe you need someone to tell you to KNOCK IT OFF.
???? Enough is enough.
Life is WAY too short to waste a day, let alone weeks and months living anything other than the very life you desire most.

What could possibly be so important that we would give up the ONE life we have here on earth for?

We are willing to give that up because some people might judge or not understand?

We are willing to give that up because of someone’s poor decisions and our lack of boundaries?

We are willing to give that up because we are afraid to be alone?

The VERY way to be ALONE is to keep making choices that bore you and frustrate you so that you isolate, feel drained, and overwhelmed.

SHOWING UP BIG FOR YOUR LIFE CALLING will ONLY bring amazing things into your life.

It’s time to LIVE.
It’s time to FLY.
It’s time to show the ** up and claim this life.

No one else is going to claim your life for you.
But you already knew that… ????????

And that’s why you have made it this far in this blog.

You ready to go all-in?
You ready to play a big game?

I promise you, it’s SO MUCH easier than it feels.
It always is before we do the brave thing.
It’s not until AFTER we use our courage to step in do we realize how simple it all could be… and how much FUN we could have doing it.

hahahaha #iloveyou #lets***go

mandy xx

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30 days of ALL IN.
No more holding back.
No more excuses.
No more listening to the monkey brain keeping us in survival mode.

This is a moment where you get to claim THAT YOU LIFE GETS TO FEEL ALIVE, amazing, and extraordinary.

This is a moment for you to OWN that YOU. ARE. EXTRAORDINARY and the world needs way more of you.

This is one of those moments where everything changes. No time needs to pass, all that ever needed to happen was courage.

The courage to back your dreams.
The courage to bravely walk where others around you have not walked.
That’s what a leader is.

The courage to say YES when the brain screams.. but what ifffffff!!!!

The courage to defy every odd, yet again, as you do.

> Show up.
> Be decisive.
> Know your goal.
> Know what you need to do to reach the goal.
> Do it every single day… working out every pattern and excuse that has been stopping you until now.

And then kick back and enjoy the life created.

Every question answered in this group.
I got you.

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( ????: How I feel about Christmas ????????????✨)

Ready for massive $ breakthrough RIGHT FKG NOW???

Ready for massive $ breakthrough RIGHT FKG NOW???

If you are feeling guilty about focusing on MONEY you will stay stuck.

So let’s do this together.
Money gives opportunity.
Money is a measure of how you are showing up if you are in this field.

We all want to be the person who shows up big and creates positive opportunity.

WHICH MEANS… we all want tons of money.

This is just normal, obvious, common sense, no shit sherlock-ness.

So why all the fuss and drama?

You have been CALLED.
You have the ability.

The desire is a compass showing you what’s to come.
The FEAR is a compass telling you where to go.

The rest is BS.

Stop wasting your time living someone else’s life.
Stop living with the results of someone else’s thinking.
Don’t let the NOISE of others drown out your FKG KNOWING.
and most importantly… HAVE THE COURAGE to follow your heart & intuition. (SJ)

YOU create your life.
Whatever you are doubting and hesitating about… STOP.
You were born for this.
You have always known it.
It was ALWAYS you.

#timetorise #forsuchatimeasthis

I love you
Mandy xx

Ready to let it be SIMPLE?

Ready to see how the welfare mom went global and made $500k in ONE year??

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Are you ready to get your MIND blown on just how fun this gets to be?

Are you ready to work out the sneaky sh** that has been keeping you from seeing the path and walking it out with ease???

(I call this the bridge between JUST MF DECIDE, and manifesting.. neither of which are working for most people… I really should name this bridge lol)

It is what it is.

1. HOW to make the $ RIGHT NOW
2. How to follow through.

What else is there?
What would happen if you put everything else aside for a moment and actually learned HOW TO MAKE $ RAPIDLY… and then let it all be fancy later??


And the BONUSES are off their charts.. including “Tips & Tricks” where I give you some serious levels of behind the scenes tricks on how to have powerful content to say every day, and how I master the SKILLS that make my success so easy…

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I’ll see you in there!
Mandy xx

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All the #BossLady Things I Had to Learn to Run This Worldwide Business

All the #BossLady Things I Had to Learn to Run This Worldwide Business

> All the #BossLady Things I Had to Learn to Run This Worldwide Business <<

I’ll give you that, owning your inner  #bosslady, can feel scary.

But it only feels scary because it’s new.


In 2015 I got wind of this entrepreneurial world.


What I knew then for business skills-


>> How to wait tables

>> Be a marine

>> Be a nanny for someone else’s kids and still get my kids to sports

>> How to make $400 a week and live off of it

>>That I refused to let my kids have the same life I found myself in

>> That I refused to not have the power to take care of my parents.

>> I wasn’t going to go one more day- one more second feeling like life was so damn POINTLESS.

That was basically all I knew – I was done with the way things were.

Really DONE.


Fast fwd to today – it’s easy to see that I would have to learn a CRAP ton of things in order to be #bosslady of this WORLDWIDE CORPORATION


LITTLE OL’ ME  is now big girl me

I know how to hire/ fire

I know what a corporation is

I know about legal paperwork – website laws-

I know what a OBM is (I just hired one lol)
I’m a CEO – of a worldwide half million dollar corporation. That’s insane – anyone knows me knows that’s clearly an act of divine guidance –






I’ve worked through others telling me I can’t

Telling me I am selfish

Telling me its a fluke


Mentors telling me not to try- it will be too hard.


Handling 30 1:1 clients at a time.
Someone on my team giving away 6 months of free 1:1 coaching to 7 people!! Lol


Tech platform nightmares

Learning to schedule and FREAKING OUT because I felt like my freedom was being taken away


Figuring out that decisiveness is a thing HAHAHA


People taking a program and then not making last payment.

People demanding 1:1’s in a group program and then bashing me as punishment for not complying.


Awkward family moments when others expect me to pay because I make $ now

People telling me I am self absorbed because I share how much the business makes (I’d want to know – so I tell you, it’s that simple)


Heated disagreements with my husband about travel – whose bday party I should or shouldn’t have to go to.

Horong people – investing time and money only to find out they can’t deliver and have to fire them.


Clients blaming me when they didn’t show up

Weird people somehow finding my cell number and calling in the middle of the night

Being taken advantage of – many times


Being sold shit I didn’t need by people I trusted


AND – Every single one of those feels like –

>>> NO BIG DEAL <<< now.


If any happen again not only is it no big deal – but I also have a team that’s trained on how to handle some of these- and others are PRECIOUS golden moments of true healing and connection and GROWTH for my clients.




Moments I got to learn how to be savvy and wise in my business – in the entire business field.


What kind of experience I want to or don’t want to create for my clients.



Not one.


So ya- It’s uncomfortable – but to be honest – learning and getting good at handling all of this was EASY.
It was scary – uncomfortable and challenged my sense of self and worth – BUT IT WAS EASY.


Each situation warranted a new level of trust in myself – and rewarded me with new amazing skills.


If I can you can.

It’s so much easier than it seems – it just requires BALLS and a WHY that will pull you right through it all..


Buy mama a new house? My mama that’s never ever had a home of her own to live in – who has always had to rely on others for her safety –


UM yes- I’ll learn any skill on the planet to do that.

That’s all it ever takes.

The rest is easy – and a part of you already knew that <3






PS: Freaking out about $?

EVERYONE has been asking me to teach this, and I finally feel called to teach it.. And I am SOOOO FREEKIN’ EXCITED!!!

I have become UNAVAILABLE for my audience to be struggling with money any longer, so here it is:

RAGS TO RICHES – Breakthrough your $ BS and redesign your relationship to WEALTH.

>> Got a certification and still not making $?
>> Feel like you’re doing everything and it’s still not working?
>> Need cash flow to be able to invest in yourself?
>> Wondering how to do selling and offers day to day without looking desperate?

So was I . This course will give you the tools you need to shift this and become available and ready to handle wealth. (Of all kinds)

>> Make quantum shifts around what you believe is possible.
>> Forgive yourself for all the BS you’ve been putting yourself through with $ stories
>> Finally have confidence that of course you can do this.
>> Recognize that this was always available for you, you just couldn’t see it.
>> See it, show the fk up, get all the $ reward
>> Enjoy the new level

This is the work everyone ignores and then wonders WHY IT’S NOT WORKING

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