Certainty vs Overwhelm

January 12, 2022

Life just doesn’t feel as good when we aren’t BEING who we desire to be… and doing the aligned actions with that.

It simply doesn’t feel as good.
And it gets to feel good.

There is no should, no have to.
Not a single one.

You don’t have to be a good parent… a lot of people choose not to.

You don’t have to make your first million… most people never do.

You don’t have to feel vitality and wellness in your body.
You don’t have to be connected to the source.
You don’t need to experience epic love.
You don’t have to be consistent AF.

But you want to.
We want to.

We just want to.
And it doesn’t matter how many times we have tried and failed… there is no failure until we have quit!

It doesn’t matter how long it has taken.
How many times we fall flat, or fall down.
It doesn’t matter how much we have figured out or not.
It doesn’t matter how disciplined or motivated we feel at this moment.

What matters is what we are available for, and unavailable for… what we decide.

What just gets to BE.
Who we decide to BE.
And how it all gets to work out for us.

It’s so easy to focus on what is and what should be… most of the world does.

We focus on what gets to be… relentlessly UNTIL.
We go again.

m xx

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