THE mastermind for the most powerfully loving humans in the world

Welcome to Diamond

A mastermind where we RISE together.
We support each other through the hard and cheer each other on in the biggest wins of our lives!

We calibrate together to the energy of INFINITE potential.

Step by step we become a more powerfully aligned human, each day becoming the human we envision in our minds eye.

Everything we could never be alone,

we become TOGETHER.

The Diamond Experience Includes

  1. Daily Voxer access direct to Mandy
  2. Weekly 1:1
  3. Private FB group
  4. Weekly Round Table group ZOOM to mastermind with the other powerful humans in the group.
  5. Access to EVERYTHING as a VIP. This includes all memberships, programs and masterclasses.
  6. 3 live retreats a year (as Covid allows)

Once a

always a

Kimberly Radke

Kimberly Radke

Alignment Coach

Being in the Diamond Mastermind has been such an extraordinary experience. The evolution, networking, collaborating, and continual up-leveling from Day #1 has transcended the game in so many areas for me.

What has taken me years to fine tune within my company has taken shape in only a few month’s time. This space has exceeded all of my expectations for business, personal and spiritual growth. I am a better human for being in this space.

The energy of the Diamond Mastermind feels like coming home to be among some of the most high vibrational loving humans. I’m living my best life here surrounded and supported by aware, awakened, and extraordinary members. The value is unparalleled, I am so grateful. This space has my heart.

Liberty Hoffer

Liberty Hoffer

Never have I felt such freedom to say, do and be all of who I am in a community as I have in the Diamond Mastermind. There is no conforming, no box to fit in, thus allowing each of us the space to create from our unique genius while being incredibly supported throughout the process.

From my experience, Mandy is unparalleled at creating a safe place to tap into our most profound personal truths that ultimately inform our authentic message and provide inspirational fuel to a body of work we are genuinely excited to bring to the world.

Shannon Burke

Shannon Burke

I’ve worked with many exceptional mentors over the years but Mandy is the FULL package. She’s got the “know how”.  She’s got the perspective you seek.  She’s got the vision.  And… 

She’s got the Love!  Always evolving for us as clients, and providing what we need and calling us to our greatness. Working with Mandy has opened my eyes, mind and heart to take action on what it is I’m really after.

The people Mandy attracts in her space are equally profound and full of purpose and passion. Being lucky enough to experience the collective wisdom and Mandy’s continued support is a beautiful mind explosion! 

She will really hear, see AND work with you. She’s always coming from truth, honesty and integrity but that equally will hold you to your greatness.

The Diamond Group is where we all shine the brightest and where ALL the magic of you becomes clear, natural and focused for purposeful success.

Terra McGee

Terra McGee

I absolutely love the diamond mastermind! I love all of Mandy Perry’s courses so to combine her coursework WITH the 1:1 coaching – it’s a double whammy! 

There’s really no other way to do it if you’re looking for maximum impact in your coaching business!

I’ve always known that life and business were intricately connected, but the level of awareness that I have around this concept has increased dramatically since joining Diamond.

Mandys zone of genius is making you feel loved, heard, and understood while helping you walk through all the sh* that comes up with business.

Working with Mandy has been a PROFOUND experience. The levels of awakening and realizations have been healing AND explosive all at the same time – that’s literally her energy! Healing, calm, understanding, loving, motivating, high vibe, and get sh* done all at the same time 

Working with Mandy has revolutionized my  life AND business.

Diamond Alumni

Chloe McCreedy

Chloe McCreedy

Since working with Mandy, I’ve been able to bravely and passionately call my clients to a higher level of result because she’s calling me to a higher level of result every damn day! I used to run talks of up to 5 people but since working with Mandy, managed to get 25 people in the room and loved it! I’ve busted through the old mindset that I have to hustle but instead I am creating more downtime to serve my needs and this has made me more creative and helped me serve my clients more energetically and passionately. #nomoreburnout

Erin Fritts

Erin Fritts

I’m celebrating my first $20k month! Before I started working with Mandy, my biggest fear was that I wasn’t going to be able to make my business work, that I wasn’t good enough to actually create what I wanted. And now my business and life literally have done a 180. I am more in alignment with my mission and impact that I desire to have onthe world.

Mary Aldrich

Mary Aldrich

We have gone through major transitions in our family while I’ve been mentoring with Mandy for my business. Just recently my husband said to a friend, “She has actually THRIVED through this stressful process (of building her business).” I have also launched my first group program, doubled my email list, honed my copy, and run my first retreat, convention booths and workshops this year!!! #wholeLifeUpgrade!

Catherine Gagnone

Catherine Gagnone

For the first time ever I am making 6 figures!!! I just crossed the $100k mark last month! I left my job and am a full time coach. Trust your soul Sista! Mandy’s got your back!

I went from providing one service only, to feeling empowered to tap into my  true potential, learn more and work from the inside out in order to help serve my clients; incorporating coaching and high level teaching points into my business, shifting my energy around money and attracting a tribe of SOULFUL, BRAVE and bold WOMEN who are willing to invest in their life because they know that way deep down in the basement of their soul, they were meant to let go of what no longer served them so they could EMBODY who they are at their core and live their BIG, FULL, and BEAUTIFUL life going forward!  

Cindy Danielson

There is magic in setting intentions.

Just a short five months ago I set the intention to surround myself with phenomenal Mama Entrepreneurs who are rocking it and sharing their brilliance with their world. I went on a search. I am talking googling, searching amazon on various topics, instagram hashtag searching, you name it, I was going to find these Mama Entrepreneurs.

I wasn’t just looking for what looked on the outside to be rocking it, I was looking for women who truly embody themselves from the inside out. I knew they were out there and I found them.

I want to introduce you to one in particular that has stood out in so many ways. She is raw. She is real. She will tell you EVERYTHING she’s learned on her path so you can overcome your hangups faster. She doesn’t hold anything back. She is a gift to the world and her name is Mandy Perry ❤️

She is an example of what showing up and sharing yourself boldly and bravely creates a ripple effect of others giving themselves permission to do the same. She is an example of being so wildly yourself, life simply becomes a gift, and no longer a burden (you should hear her story and where she came from – you will be in awe).

She is an example of how loving yourself first is the way to having the most genuine relationships in every area of your life.
She is an example of joy, creativity, fun, play, adventure, and SAVVY!!!

Thank you Mandy for being so unapologetically you and sharing yourself so courageously every single damn day as you inspire me to do the same!!!

Maggie Emerson

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