I remember looking around and seeing these women who were just treated so special by everyone around them.

They had this flow and this magnetism about them….

I assumed they were just born this way, or they had childhoods different than mine.
I was just more like a man… more of a tomboy.

I felt searing jealousy inside just baffled as to how you could possibly ever experience this… as I was in an abusive relationship, was taunted and called out by men often, they said demeaning things to me and treated me like an object.

I was taken advantage of on the regular… even though I was one of the strongest women I knew.




I wanted to be adored, cherished, taken care of and held.
I wanted people in my life to WANT to do their best for me.
I wanted to be someone who got the best.
I wanted to feel important & protected.

I would see women falling into a man’s arms sensually, and lighting up when he was romantic.

But I WAS wildly uncomfortable at the idea of real sensuality and romance.
I just felt uncomfortable.

As I grew and healed I noticed these women seemed to have everyone flock to her.
She would sit and everyone would sit next to her.
She would speak and everyone wanted to hear.
She would present a desire and it would be met!! Just like that!
People WANTED to give her her desires….


It had nothing to do with what she looked like…

Nothing to do with how much money she had, what kind of family she came from or if she was single or married, her race, religion or creed.


So what the HELL was it??

I become completely focused on finding the answer.
And what I learned has rocked my whole entire world.
It’s completely beyond any superficial desire to be wanted… it’s so vastly beyond anything that is just human Mandy’s needs.

It’s how the world will heal.
It’s how you become the most extraordinary power & loving, conscious and grateful human you know.


Feminine Magnetism

is the most powerful force in the entire galaxy.
I honestly had no idea what I was tapping into.

But once I got a taste of how learning this not only gave me all my desires to be loved, cherished and taken care of… but it also was HOW I SERVE the world.
How I become the woman who leaves a wake of healing, inspiration and evolution of souls everywhere I go.
How I truly cause generational & humanities ascension.




And so I spent 3 years completely diving in.
I maintained life and solely focused on mastering this.

And any and every fear that I had that this was a self-absorbed or superficial venture was completely wiped away.
My heart strengthen, my soul expanded and my life transformed.

Today I am that woman who I cried myself to sleep many, many nights trying to understand.
Today I freely allow my feminine power to flow through me into every area of my life.

Today I am cherished, adored, taken care of and leave a wake of healing anywhere the Feminine power flows.
Today I understand it was never something to earn, it was something to allow. Something so much greater than me.

And it is truly my absolute honor to share all the wisdom my mentors and life have taught me now in this.


The Enticing, Magnetic Feminine

Her magnetism has a mysterious allure to all it touches.
She is wild. Untamed. Uncontrollable.
Her power is brought forth in the depths of her pain, as she giggles and frolics to her soul’s music.
Her courage, awakened through her fear, flows in her laughter.
She. feels. it. all.
And it is here, in this unknown space where her courage leads her – that she finds herself.

Transformed. Emerged. Liberated.
She allows her soul to take her – where her feet cannot touch the ground… and in the darkness, she finds her wings.
She is electric.
The world is enticed, drawn, excited.

Her awakened heart heals all it encounters.
Her fire calls to their greatness.
Her breath speaks the voice of the Sacred.
Her very existence burns eons of karma.
Her lineage, healed and set free.
Her love so fierce, the heavens align with her vision.

Her soul has chosen its path.
Her heart, the strongest it has ever been.
Her will, unbreakable.
Her power, palpable.
Her beauty, breathtaking.
Her allure, unmistakable.

The enticing, magnetic feminine.
Surrendered to her power.
Immersed in LOVE.
Calling the ascension of all.
And so it is.


This is for you if…

> Feel like you really get this whole feminine thing.
> Finally release the judgement of your looks and body.
> Be cherished, adored, and loved while being the most loving, caring human you know.
> Feel sexy and sensual & enjoy romance and recieving
> Have this whole feminine energy thing to be explained in a way that makes sense and can be lived NOW.
> Magnetize your humans, and stop trying to find them; lovers, friends and clients.
> Embody her now.. Unavailable to have to go through some huge healing process first.
> Be the woman who heals her lineage.
> Be a wake of healing and joy everywhere you go with everyone you encounter.
> Heal the world simply through existing….

This is the power of the true Feminine.

Are you ready?

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