Everything I Thought I Knew About Being “Guided” Was Wrong….

November 11, 2022

(& How The. Source. Code. was born.)

I was NEVER more tested in my entire life than I was during the time Source was testing me to see if I was ready to hold space for this course…

Over & over I was tested deeply to see if I had the faith to trust the process.
When everything was absolutely CRAZY, made zero sense and nothing was working…. did I REALLY believe this?
Could I really hold space for anyone no matter where they were in the journey?
Did I really believe this was true for EVERYONE??

I cried, I kicked and screamed…
And then I pulled in the most extraordinary and powerful SOUL players on the planet… and I let them call me into my power.

I found myself walking in a world that made no sense to me at all….
My identity didn’t fit.
My beliefs made no sense.
My desires felt like someone else’s.

All the things that always got me the results no longer worked.
The things I once prided myself on, now felt awful.

And yet… everything felt so f** RIGHT.
My nervous system jolted, flipped out and crashed… yet my spirit strengthened and grew.

I learned the most powerful lessons of my life, and it took me 2 years to be ready for this.

It truly is the most COURAGEOUS journey we will ever embark on…

To be one with Source, to understand we are Source.
To truly LET GO… and let all the magic happen without interfering with our doubts, control, fears and self-imposed limitations.

I had no f** clue lol.

No one told me it would actually feel like dying, because you DO actually die. You really do. Just not the heart-stopping kind of death…


And that’s what The. Source. Code. is.
It is a space where you get to do the hardest thing you’ll ever have done, and let it be EFFORTLESS!!!!

All this confusion about what to push and do and what to lean back into.
All this frustration about manifestation and why it’s not working.
All this NEEDING it to be how you think it should be…
All this racing against TIME.
All this playing small, holding back… worrying…

NO f** MORE.
Not here, not now, not YOU.

We need you and your gifts… and we need you to be ok with being messy and leaning on the community.

NONE OF US ARE GOING TO DO IT ALONE… it’s just too confusing and scary. But together… it’s just an exciting adventure.

You will never be more proud of yourself in your entire life than you will be when you learn how to let go, stop controlling it all and allow INFINITE SOURCE to co-create with you.

To truly be a vessel of greatness on the planet.
To allow every gift you have to season and SHINE.
To be propelled by purpose and mission…
To understand it, dance with it and BECOME it.

If you are feeling a hell yes… the early bird special is FREEKIN’ AMAZING… just to celebrate this depth of life together.

I love you.
And I also am deeply ready to call your a** into your power.

No matter where you are at.
No matter what messiness has been showing up.
No matter how many excuses you have been running.
No matter how scary and hard it has been.
No matter how epically wonderful it was.

No matter how BIG the dream.

Our work is the same.
TO let go of our human desperations and to FLY with the INFINITY… here, now, in this lifetime. #together.

What this course is…
An experience where you will calibrate to LIVING LIFE FEELING & knowing you can create absolutely anything in the UNIVERSE that you desire. (And I do mean actually having this experience of life…) And that not ONLY can you create it for yourself… but TRULY KNOWING and feeling that by allowing your desires to come to fruition you are HEALING THE PLANET powerfully.

I am 100% ready.
And all I am asking for is your courage.
Say yes to you. Say yes to the healing it brings to us.
Say yes to your BIGNESS.
And hold the faith.

m xx

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