Feminine Magnetism Includes Allowing Others To See And Know That We Are Disappointed

June 27, 2022

You are allowed to have had BIG HUGE HOPES that it would work out how you wanted, and then be completely disappointed… and you are allowed to do it publicly as Soul led online entrepreneurs.

It is a deeply feminine power to be able to openly feel disappointed, hurt, sad, frustrated… about whatever the thing is that happened.

But… You’ll look stupid.
You’ll look messy.
You should have your sh^^ together.
You should have chosen differently.
You should have known better.
You need to fix this and then let the world see you.

So we hide.
We beat ourselves up.
And we WAIT.
We wait for the time when we feel bada^^ again… when we feel certain again.

But Feminine power is rooted in TRUST.

> Trusting every decision you made was exactly right.
> Trusting the process.
> Trusting the lessons for you.
> Trusting your humans to see something so much deeper than a “mistake” or a “mess”, because they’re powerful and extraordinary humans.

This isn’t about making money, although you will.
This isn’t about being internet famous, but you will.
This isn’t about impacting lives, though you will.

This is about life so beautiful and exciting that you heal everyone around you through your very existence…

When you learn to TRUST (which was taken away from MANY, MANY of you very early on) the peace that you will experience will cause a BLISS that magnetizes the world. Heals the world. Entices the world.

And when we come together in our bliss???? Ahhhhh!!!!!


m xx

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