How Could Any Experience Be Bad When Experiencing Is The Entire Meaning Of Life??

July 9, 2022

> The times I’ve been bedridden depressed, and unable to cope, and the times I’ve cried tears of joy in ecstasy.

> The “I love you’s and the heart-wrenching goodbyes.

> The terrifying failures and the celebrating of an unprecedented victory.

> The vibrant health and the frustrating addictions.

> The moments of genius clarity and the moment of total confusion.


To experience & expand.

More exposure to more things to FEEL MORE.
TO feel LIFE pouring through me…
To feel genius coming through me into CREATION.
To notice I’m not in alignment and work to shift back into it.
TO FEEL my desire, see it and know it and then become aligned to it.
TO FEEL THE AWE of seeing it come to be.
To feel the wonder of being at the new place and experiencing life ALL OVER AGAIN from this new place. As this new human.


And I can’t help but ACHE inside for all the rules I see holding humanity back from experiencing MORE of life, as though an experience itself is bad.

It is ALL part of the human experience and is all extraordinarily perfect. AS IS.

And our only job is to keep choosing, well outside of our comfort zone, to the new place we desire to be for the experience of life we desire to have… IN FULL SURRENDER to the journey.

m xx

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