How To Get Clients

September 22, 2021

How To Get Clients for anything…

>> Building your online business is 10% HOW, 90% being a human who has the ability to see your clients allow their journey to unfold
and trust your own journey. <<

This is not going to be your average speech.
I have never done things in an average way #together

What to stop doing:
Figuring out how to get clients.
How do you feel when someone is trying to figure out a problem with you? Do you want to pay them to be close to you? lol. no.
You would never ever pay someone else to come to figure out their problem with you.

What to start doing:
Care about them.
Where they are at.
What they are feeling, doing, desiring… and why?

What you SAY and DO when you care about someone is vastly different than when you are trying to solve a problem.

I need to solve my problem of how to find clients- is not the energetic match for the soulmate, sovereign clients who are ready to show up and be guided. They are too busy solving their problems.

Let it go.
Let it go.
Let it go.

Allow yourself to invest time or resources in what makes you feel alive.
LIVE in the energy of open-hearted, expansion.
What makes you remember to care and serve.
What makes you feel all possibility of infinite abundance and freedom.
What EXPANDS you.
NOT what will magically solve your problems.

And allow yourself to BE the energetic match for your ideal clients.

This is the journey of a lifetime.
So if it takes you 6 months to evolve enough to have space for others in your world without putting your own agenda on them… does it matter?

We are always taken care of. ALWAYS.
The whole point is enjoying the journey of shedding all that never belonged.

And this is the adventure of a LIFETIME.

m xx

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