How To Handle All The Suffering Around Us

June 13, 2023

We feel pain because we do. Jealousy, fear, anxiety, loss, aging…

We don’t want to feel more pain so we mostly avoid looking directly at the suffering all over the world, or right in front of us.

We feel overwhelmed with sadness and grief about their pain.

Our brain has trouble comprehending things like human trafficking and religious persecution… So we ignore it.

And we focus on how to be better ourselves to have a better life… while trying to sort out how to manifest amazingness and how to give back in some small way, maybe even some big way. It’s our dream to make a difference…

All seems logical and healthy yes?
It’s the NORMAL way of thinking.

”I can barely handle all my own sufferings, mental or physical, then there’s my family on top of it… I definitely can’t take on the world’s… that’s crazyyyy.”

But you want to right?
We just want to HELP.

But it all feels like some mysterious dance of saying we want to and never quite figuring out how to do it all… if we’re being REALLY honest, we haven’t even figured out how to truly be peaceful and joyful ourselves no matter how much freedom we create, if we’ve even created that…

And the GUILT of never quite being enough for it all…
The freekin’ guilt….

And around it keeps going.

#ahhmen if you are with me?

But here’s the thing…

>>>SEEING OTHERS PAIN… allows you to adjust your reaction to YOUR OWN unavoidable suffering… by assigning a new value to it… and increases your energy and readiness to work for the good of others.<<<

So in other words… you will realize that the suffering you are experiencing is either SO RIDICULOUS it’s unthinkable to call it suffering to others truly suffering and that will ease you because it loses its power… or you will see others are suffering EXACTLY like you and you are not alone by any stretch of the imagination and stop running the inner mantra of “why me”….. you will stop believing it’s a problem, something is wrong, you did something wrong, you should be doing better or should have figured it out…

AND on top of this, you will tap into the MOST POWERFUL positive emotions that exist to us humans: compassion and love.

Will you cry?
Will it hurt to allow it in?

But when we cultivate LOVING, OPEN & PEACEFUL energy… we will cause EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY. We literally change the frequency of suffering into peace and joy.

This cannot happen when we are avoiding and numbing.

And it will never happen while we believe we have to hide from the world and fight to make our life as cushy as possible… getting upset when others do things that hurt us. BELIEVE things that upset us, say things that we don’t like, dress, behave and LOOK in ways we don’t like.
Ways that make us jealous, insecure, or angry.
Things that make us envious.

Making them wrong and avoiding it all is NOT the way to Joy.
And definitely isn’t the way to become the Soul who brings massive healing to all those we encounter.

THE GOAL is to develop our own inner peace so we can be an alchemist for suffering. Having the RIGHT intention matters… it is the set compass to which all else is directed.

Can you feel the difference in this?
I know it can feel scary… it scares me too… but if we let ourselves be overwhelmed by our personal problems, no matter how tragic, we only increase our difficulties and become a burden to those around us. If our mind becomes accustomed to dwelling solely on the pain that events and people inflict on it… one day the most trivial incident will cause it infinite sorrow. And as this feeling grows with practice… everything that happens to us will come to distress us and peace will find no place within us.

That scares me more!

m xx

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This is what drove me so hard to break out of all of the abuse I was experiencing, go to school for 10 years while working and being a single mother with almost zero child support, start my business and make my first Mill in 2 years… THAT is a lot of drive, and it ALL came from MY WANTING TO END OTHERS SUFFERING.

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