How To Lead & Make A Lot Of Money While Going Through Hard Times

November 5, 2021

We had a $7k cash day while I was falling apart and healing…

We do not need to pretend we aren’t going through hard things to lead.

It is HOW we lead ourselves that matters.
How we lead ourselves through the hard times is what we are the energetic match for.

The most powerful humans out there waiting to invest in themselves and work with you are not looking for someone perfect. They are looking for someone who shows in life the way they desire to show up.

WE CHOOSE TO BE IN ALIGNMENT WITH WHO WE DESIRE TO BE. (This is not the same as forcing ourselves to do….)

It’s almost impossible to not be successful in life when you are able to BE who you desire to BE during the hard times.

Who I chose to be when he wouldn’t pay CS and I was a single mother trying to figure out how to put food on the table.
Just a mama and her kids… “she said, I’ll hold it down, don’t you worry we’ll find a way. No matter how I’ll make sure the bills get paid… she gave her all and thank God their mouths got fed… and she prayed the cycle would end.

When everything around us starts to fall… WE RISE UP AGAIN TO THE CALL…

”Who I chose to be when humans I love were abused…
Who I chose to be when I was hit with depression…

Who I chose to be when everyone around me told me I was stupid for starting my own business.
Who I chose to be when I made big financial mistakes…

Who I chose to be when I made my first million.
Who I chose to be when I was heartbroken…

We’re all just a little bit broken…
We’re all just a little bit hurt…
We’ve all got wounds half open…
We all can use a little work.

I never had to have some perfect journey to lead with power & grace. I simply needed to be the woman who was in alignment with a leader as I walked myself through every single trying situation.

You are so much stronger and braver than you think.
You have everything you ever needed to walk this out.
It was always going to be YOU who chose to do this work.

It’s time to let go of any and all stories telling you anything ever needed to be any different in your life for you to be the leader you have been called to be.

THE NOW you is ready to lead those who are at where you were 3 years ago.

Let every single thing you desire to let be known, be KNOWN AND SEEN… and show the world how you lead yourself through it all… and the people who desire to walk this way through their pain and circumstances will be able to find you.

And watch MAGIC happen.

m xx

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