How To Transmute Pain To Power

October 14, 2021

How To Transmute Pain To Power… (for real)

When pain hits… it’s possible to transmute this to Love (the ultimate power)

And once you learn how… IT’S A RAPID TRANSFORMATION.. it can’t be anything else.

Because once you understand that being the Light is our natural state… none of the excuses work anymore. There is no longer a time when feeling pity for oneself is aligned. Never.

It’s simply never aligned anymore.
It felt aligned when I had an old stagnant belief that I was intrinsically bad and needed something external to save me. I don’t know why, it just was.

It’s such a sh** belief created to cause fear in the hearts of loving humans to have power over them. It’s utterly UNTRUE, and actually, it’s the opposite of the truth.

Hell is all the beliefs and habits we create from ego to prove we aren’t innately bad.

And when we can really know this, we stop trying to fix ourselves.

There is nothing to find.
It’s safe to stop looking and be the Light now.

You know all the saying that says – SERVE, this is how you will feel better? This is why.
Because when we shift into alignment with truth, WE FEEL BETTER. A lot better.

You know the saying “If it feels bad it’s BS?”
It’s true. Although I’d word it a bit differently.
“If it feels misaligned, it’s BS.” because often, it feels bad to feel the reality of things.

It hurts.
It just hurts.

Sometimes it hurts to suck.
Sometimes it hurts to awaken to all that we have been.
Sometimes it hurts to not be where we want to be yet as we take an honest look at where we are at.

And that’s ok.
It’s just a sensation in the body.
It doesn’t MEAN anything.
Our work is to let it flow without needing it to feel differently.

Do you focus on how to feel happiness?
What to do about it?
How to fix it?
Nope… we just let it be.

Transmuting pain is a lot like this.
Just let it be.
There is nothing to DO about it.

We feel it and carry on with our light-hearted, creation of life.
We learn to be the watcher.
We let go of the need to label, judge, analyze and fix it all.

Just be happy.
Just be sad.
Happiness doesn’t last forever. We don’t start resisting our guided,
aligned action because we felt happy right?

Feel, and carry on with the aligned action to the vision.
There is no effective shortcut in consciousness development.

We just… walk it out together.

m xx

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