How To Trust That You Are Really, Truly Seen… By The Divine

April 20, 2022

(and manifest our deepest soul desires…)

In order for us to truly be guided far beyond what our mind and its
collection of imprints and experiences could ever take us to truly
experience everything our deepest soul’s cry is yearning for:

>> WE MUST BELIEVE WE ARE SEEN, known, and loved in every single area of our lives and being by the Source.

>> We must understand what we yearn for, what lights us up and
excites us is a compass showing us where to go… and the fear that we feel that comes along with it is exactly where we are meant to walk upon the waters where our legs are shaky.

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders…
Let me walk upon the waters…
Wherever you would call me.

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander…
And my faith would be made stronger
In the presence of the Divine.”

>> It requires an understanding that what is good for the collective is also good FOR US, and what is truly good for us is also good for the collective. It’s not either-or. What is in your deepest heart’s desire is the very thing that will heal the collective.

>> It requires believing we are WORTHY.
Worthy to be seen and known.
Worthy to receive your desires.
Worthy for our needs to be met.
Worthy for our passion to rule.
Worthy JUST AS WE ARE, now. At this moment.

As we LOOK.
As we believe.
As we feel.

Without exception.


And when we can truly hold this belief… we begin to see that of course we are held, loved, seen, known, understood, valued, cherished and led well.

That the inner “fk yes”, and “fk no” is truly FOR US.
With immense wisdom, and can of course, be trusted… trusted far
greater than our minds chatter, fears, and rantings.

Can we have the courage to go all-in on our YESes?

Can we have the courage to walk away and cut off all that is trying to
die off inside of us?

Can we trust that we are SEEN… and when we are guided it is an
infinite body of wisdom, collaborators, guides, and the Divine Source itself actually lovingly guiding us to our very greatest expression and experience of life itself?

Of course we can.

My love, this is a reminder, find your center.

m xx

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