If Life & My Purpose Work Is Supposed To Be Easy, Why Does It All Feel So Hard???

May 24, 2022

I hear this question all the time… and my answer has evolved as I have. I finally feel like I truly understand this to a deep level.

Life always gets to be easy.
Making $ always gets to be easy.
Finding love always gets to be easy.
Evolution into your true aligned self gets to be easy.

It all always gets to be easy… but it only sometimes is. lol

Because sometimes everything we have become combines into someone who is not ready to effortlessly BE or manifest the thing we desire.

And sometimes we haven’t, and we are standing at the edge of ourselves trying to gather a mental vision of what the next thing will feel and look like and we are REQUIRED to go into the UNKNOWN. We are required to cross our edge into the unknown space.

And for most of us, this feels freakin’ hard.
The very moment we reach the edge of what’s familiar and must keep walking.

Sensations come up in the body and we attach meaning to them… fear, anxiety, etc. We then tell a story about why we feel that and make predictions about what will likely or COULD happen… based on everything we have learned.

We don’t daydream about what AMAZING things are possible lol
We sit there and think of all that could go wrong.
Then wonder why it feels hard.

So IT CAN FEEL EASY, and it won’t always feel easy until we learn to re-associate with the sensations in our body and have some discipline in our mind about what we imagine can happen.

I cannot believe what my life has become!!!
Every day I have to work through the – this is too good to be true feelings!!

And every day I am reminded of all the times I felt this way and all the times IT JUST GOT EVEN BETTER.

It’s also very extraordinarily hard the times I imagine what could go wrong and associate the heart palpitations in my body as something bad is about to happen.

So, maybe we could let it all go.
If it’s hard, that’s ok… we will PROVE we are who we say we are in this moment.
If it’s easy, yay! Enjoy and create memories.

It’s all always fine.
The more we fight it all the longer the hard moments last.

m xx

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