Ignoring Red Flags In The Name Of Unconditional Love?

October 30, 2021

Well… I have been awakening to all of the harm that has been done by ignoring red flags in the name of Unconditional love.

I did NOT know this is where this challenge would take me… and I guess that’s just it right? We don’t know until we give it the space it deserves in our life.

I have come to a very important awakening.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is not about actively loving people when they are cruel and dishonest.
It is about freely giving our love without expectations of something in return. FREELY loving. Because it’s who we are.

And when someone is cruel or dishonest, we no longer allow them in our energy.

This doesn’t mean we stopped loving them unconditionally… We didn’t all of a sudden start demanding a return for our love given. We simply have a standard of kindness and honesty as a human.

THESE ARE NOT THE SAME THING, even if it feels like it is without understanding the distinction.

Our love is still given without an expectation of that act being given back… they have nothing to do with one another.


The pivotal awakening was the understanding that what it IS, is giving without expecting the same in return. I was missing this awareness.

I have always heard about unconditional love with boundaries… but without a clear understanding of this distinction, I chose to love unconditionally in a way that harmed me.

If I don’t continue to allow them to receive my love, how is that unconditional?

I love because it’s who I am right?
Yes… I love because it’s who I am. I give love freely to all those in my world. I don’t expect tit for tat. And in order to be in my world, you have to be kind and have integrity… because this is the human standard.

Would I allow someone to stay in my life that hurt my child? How would I still be a woman who loves unconditionally to this person? Someone who hurt my daughter?

I freely gave love, without expecting reciprocation… and my boundary of safety still remains. They opted out of my love. I didn’t stop loving unconditionally.

I send them love and allow them to have chosen to opt-out of the experience of me. Whether they harm me, or a loved one, nothing is any different.

I will no longer ignore red flags in the name of unconditional love.

I feel relief & awe.
It’s so very simple.

But I know this from the thousands of people I have coached… we rarely will go into the wild unknown without some kind of vision of what is possible.

Without having anything to grasp mentally about what it DOES look like to love unconditionally with boundaries… I simply chose love. And I am really proud of myself for that.

Yes, it caused harm and I get to do the work to heal this… but this is no problem. If I had to choose between loving someone without condition… and dealing with their abuse… or not loving them at all… I chose to deal w the abuse.

“Karma said, When somebody is not aligned for you, Source will continuously use them to hurt you until you are strong enough to let them go.”

The pain caused a deep awakening. A new understanding.
And this is exactly why I move AWAY from anyone who tells me what I should do.
What I shouldn’t do.

This was my path of awakening and I am so grateful I have learned the humility and the strength to walk it out.

The refinement and power that is created when I just allow myself to be where I am, without judgment is beyond description.

I am feeling grateful.
Surprised. A bit shocked.

I am sad for those who no longer get to experience my love because truly, it is unconditional. And I wish them the deepest joy. I wish them a clear path to their own awakening, and I trust them to seek it out and experience it for themselves.

Loving them as a reward for abuse did not change them.
It never would.
But maybe, just maybe, losing my deep, running love will.

And maybe it won’t.
It’s not my job to say what their chosen path is supposed to look like.

It’s my job to tell myself the truth about mine.
And my path is full of loving, kind, honest, very human humans. lol
Full of failures, mistakes, wins, and breakthroughs.. but never ever abusive. Never manipulative. Never “off” to my soul.

And I just feel like the real start of a profound journey begins today. The 7th day of this challenge.

I am feeling butterflies in my belly and a bit of quickening in my heart… if all this happened in just 7 days… what is this YEAR going to look like?!?!?!?


I just want to say thank you to those following along. The power inside of me to be able to do this side by side with you is so healing and energizing. My love for you causes me to show up in ways I couldn’t alone.

You are a huge part of my healing journey and I and deeply grateful for you.

Cheers to week 1!!

m xx

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