Investing To Build My Business…

May 10, 2022

(what it actually looks like)

I’ve spent 2.5 years just diving deeply into my spiritual journey and experiences…
I traveled the world, ran the beaches naked, snuggle puddled, journeyed, done wild, amazing ceremonies with the Mayan & Balinese healers, learned to dance with my feminine, coached by Spiritual mentors…

And it’s been extraordinary.
I look back at who I was 3 years ago and it’s amazing how much growth can happen in such a short period of time.

It feels similar to when I started the business on welfare and made my first million in 25 months… only for my spiritual life.

And today I have chosen to merge the worlds.
I am a Spiritual Business coach… so they are already merged in some ways… but not within me.

One of my patterns is a dichotomy.
I’m either all in on Spirituality or all in on business… this is how I tend to do things.

So for the first time in my life… I have two of the world’s greatest coaches, one for each.

And of course the same voices are coming up as anyone else!
What if I screw this up?
What if it’s too much to do both?
What if I invest all of this $ and it doesn’t work?

And I remind myself what I remind my clients all the time…
>> A mentor is not another thing to do on your checklist… it is SUPPORT.
>> How could double the support ever be harder? lol
>> The past is not evidence of my future. Predicting it will look similar after investing in a coach is silly.
>> The only thing I have to do is choose who I want to BE today. Nothing else matters.
>> We must leap way before we feel “ready”. We go first, Source meets us there.
>> Create a need, and the need will be filled.
>> theend

m xx

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