It’s All BS

February 11, 2022

It’s not true that you aren’t sexy enough.
It’s not true that you are too much.
It’s not true that you aren’t charismatic enough.
It’s not true that you might not ever have the wildly successful business you dream of.
It’s not real that you might look stupid because no one joins.
It’s not hard to make soul friends.
It’s not true that anyone else needs to change for you to have your dream life.
It’s not real that you won’t know how to help them when they do join.

It’s not hard to make money.
It’s not true that no one will pay that amount.
It’s not true that you have to build your business in a way that crushes your soul.
It’s not true that abundance is for everyone else but not you.
It’s not true that you are a bad parent.
It’s not true that you need more education or certifications to lead.
It’s not true that you can’t because others are doing it better.
It’s not true that all the good men are gone.
It’s not true that you don’t have the mental energy.
it’s not true that you are confused.

It’s all BS.
Given it’s all BS what are you now going to do???

m xx

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What To Do When You’re Being Messy AF…

I didn’t want to write any of this…
There’s a loud temptation to feel shame about this…
I’ve been getting triggered about other sexy women when I’m with Gregg.
Feeling anxious about losing him.
Feeling insecure about my body, that I’m not enough.
Embarrassed that I’m being SO MESSY right now in some areas.

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Technology Parent Hacks

What I wish someone said to me:
If you don’t have the bandwidth to learn how to fully protect your kids on a technology device, do not give them access to one. Period.
I’m still heartbroken about what these kids are saying and doing to each other on their platforms (esp roblox & tictok). Not to mention the adults being kids on there as well, exposing them to wildly inappropriate things. And by wildly I do mean like… hard for my brain to even comprehend what is happening.

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3D & 5D Business Explained…

In 3D business we are successful by finding our “why”, drive and willpower.
It can be brilliantly fun and also, it feels like a lot of pressure to keep finding the reasons to want to show up so powerfully and relentlessly.
It’s a drive of wanting a thing and wanting it now.

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