It’s Been One Year

November 30, 2022

It’s been one year, today.

This morning we sat and talked about everything that has transformed our first year together as we celebrate our first anniversary since the day we met…

I feel butterflies everywhere writing this. 

When we met we had both just gone through extreme abuse… but we didn’t know that about each other. We didn’t even realize just how profound the abuse was ourselves yet…

We were war-torn.. beat up and a shell of our true selves. But no one would know it, least of all us… as neither of us had ever been treated with true love & care in relationships.

This year I fell apart in his arms, and he held me tighter than I’ve ever been held.. with the strongest arms I’ve ever felt. It’s like I had been running a marathon my entire life and when I finally found safety.. finally felt held…. I fell to pieces and was re-birthed a new woman, loved and cherished. I learned to let myself be taken care of for the very first time. I learned that Source doesn’t just empower me, but can use another to meet my needs. I learned that I have always been in toxic relationships because the high felt like love AND REALLY ..REALLY WASN’T. I learned I was worthy of gentleness and tenderness.

This year he was awakened.. awakened to his power and his worth.
He learned to be honored for his strength and built up for the first time. He learned what it meant for someone to have his best interest at heart and to have someone powerful fight for him, with him, shoulder to shoulder. He learned that controlling, manipulative people aren’t “good” people and to be able to acknowledge their true nature without feeling like a “bad person”. He learned unconditional love doesn’t mean any boundaries.

We learned how to do it all WITH someone that we can trust. We learned how BIG we love. How deep we love.

And our love has healed both of us, deeply.

It was *** HARD at times.

To feel such admiration and respect mixed with chemistry and love… caused a few emotions here and there, to say the LEAST HAHAHAHA.

And as we have healed each other, we have become better parents. Being abused took a lot from us, and healing it all took a lot. Over time, the longer we are away from abuse, the more relaxed our nervous system has become.. which allows us to be more of our true selves… with a LOT more to give ourselves, our kids, and our clients.

It was a year of blissful awe and wonder at what love could feel like, and also deep awakening and transformation.

As we had our coffee together this morning we went over who we were when we met and how much we have grown and changed in one short year. How much the kids have grown and changed. How many magical memories we have created.. and how lucky we are.

We high-fived and grinned at each other with tears in our eyes and felt gratitude.
We decided we were going to write out how year 2 of our relationship goes. 

We are organized, stable, clear, passionate, and strong.

It is truly mind-blowing what we have accomplished TOGETHER for us and our family in one year. AND I CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE YEAR TWO!!!! Ahhh!!!!!

We are calling in the very best years of our entire life.
Doing this work wasn’t without some cost… our bodies need some TLC and our nervous systems are still not fully healed. I can sense that year two will be a lot of self-care

We stand together and we hold this standard for all. For all to find safety.. walk away from abuse, set boundaries, and choose love. To move TOWARDS LOVE and away from abuse, no matter what it takes. We deserve the very best life has to offer… but we can’t have it if we don’t choose it.

Mandy & Gregg

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The Vision For Healing

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