It’s True

January 16, 2022

I didn’t know a single thing about tech or business…

Not one single thing.

The ONLY difference between me and another girl is that I didn’t know I couldn’t make money until I knew all the things.

So I made money right out the gate… and went on to make $1M in 25 months.

I learned how to do a cleanse… and then created a group for anyone who wanted to do it with me… for $47… and all the health coaches who wanted to do it together… or who wanted to see how to run a group bought it.

It took me all of 10 minutes to put together an Eventbrite.
And we had a blast!

I wasn’t any smarter than any of the coaches who purchased the cleanse… truthfully, I was dumber. I was ignorant of the fact that you couldn’t do that lol. SO I DID IT.

I talked openly about how I was bulimic for 21 years and healed my emotional eating and get clients who wanted to heal theirs.

Then everyone was asking me how I did that. So I showed them, and then they all made money… and then they told people about me…

Before I knew it people were coming to me to learn.

So I created an offer to learn how to make money online as a coach… literally 3 months after coming off of welfare…

Yes… I WAS TEACHING HOW TO MAKE $ 3 months after coming off of welfare… because…
I was ignorant of the fact that that is impossible. lol

Then I had way too many 1:1 clients… so I created a group… which everyone said I shouldn’t do… it’s too expensive, no one will pay that much for a group… they will only pay $2k for 1:1… I’ll lose all my clients… and I thought that was absurd… who doesn’t like doing things together?!

I launched my first group called ACA and had a $40k launch.

I ran that a few times… and got really sick of talking about the same things as I was learning all these insanely amazing things that were changing my life.

So I launched a program on doing brave sh*t… and everyone said… Mandy… that’s not even coaching, everyone teaches this, no one will buy that… you HAVE TO NICHE DOWN… and then… it sold out…

From then on, I have created programs for people to learn everything I have walked myself through. I had a knack for it and now it has turned into an incredible skill to which I am SOOO grateful.

But more amazingly… I have really honed and seasoned all the skills by first living them and then teaching them.

It just doesn’t matter what everyone says… be the little kid that dreams big and has no clue that others think it’s impossible.

Don’t let anyone sh** on your dreams.
It’s in the MAGIC that you will come alive.
It’s in the FIRE that you will strengthen.

And it’s in your DESIREs and dreams that you will become the person who made it all happen.

Listen to me… FKG. GO. FOR. IT.
all of it.
Right now.

m xx

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