My Manifestation Decree For 8/8

August 8, 2022

God, Goddess and all that is, in light… I am present and tuned in in this 8/8 PORTAL. I now decree that I am open and available to receive for my highest good, and the good of all.

> I now download all the highest available, high-vibrational, light frequencies to me…
> I now download greater bliss, joy, awe, wonder, excitement, vibrant health, money, wealth, stewardship, discipline, trust, wisdom, healing, passion, focus, courage, clarity, KNOWING, power, will, SPACIOUSNESS, uninhibited joy and fun.
> I now download and embody powerful, soul-aligned routines and habits that propel my service and enjoyment of life.

I now leave behind…
Inhibition, anger, resentment, frustration, fear, jealousy, comparison, self-doubt, sabotage, numbing, projecting,
I trust first.
I have all the support a girl could ever ask for or even not think to ask for.
I have wisdom beyond quantum, beyond known.
I have the discipline to act in immediate alignment with Soul.
I hear Soul loudly and with precision.
My will is strong and relentless.
My life is SPACIOUS and effortless.
My emotions are clear, they serve me and they are easily managed.
I release as effortlessly as I feel.
I claim divine, perfect health in every cell of my body… pain-free, vibrant, lively health.
Spiritual health, physical health, mental health and phycological health.

My children are thriving.
I am a brilliant and aligned mother.
I am the world’s greatest lover.
I am a thoughtful and ever present friend.

> I call in soul friends, uninhibited, wildly fun moments that I’ll remember with giddiness, for this lifetime.

> I call in deep, awakening, healing, and blissful moments with my lover, for both him and I.

> I call in Divine wealth flowing through me into every single area of my life with massive abundance, all effortlessly made by simply following soul guidance and designing my dream life.

> I call in our cumulative wealth increase massively and exponentially from this moment on without decreasing.

> I call in organization, clarity, support, creativity, inspiration, will, desire, and power over money and how it flows into my life, through me and my partner. It comes out of nowhere all the time in avalanches of abundance.

> Every single need, desire, and goal is met instantaneously with infinite abundance. Always. and unending.

> Truth is always spoken with love in my life, I can see the truth without words. I can speak the truth from a deep place of love and power.

> I am one with nature and Source. I can hear the insects, plants and animals… in the air, land and sea.
Nature is a constant source of love and safety, inspiration and guidance for me in ways I’ve never experienced.

> I hear the voice of the collective, of Source effortlessly and always have the clarity on what to do to utilize this wisdom.

> I have powerful downloads on command that support the human race, bring healing, power, unity, peace, wealth, health and bring them back home to self and source.

> My manifestor powers are increasing daily. My understanding of manifestation, frequencies, light, love, humanity, soul, Source, Nature, pleasure, effortlessness is increasing every moment of every day.

> I allow into my life all supportive tools and teachings for me to thrive in all ways.

> My desires are strong and clear and I feel them clearly. It is so easy to simply claim them and let them overflow in my life.

> My aura is strong and clear.

> My blood and all bodily fluids are full of all that allows vibrant health and healing, energy and passion, giddiness and joy to flow in my world.

> I release all stored trauma from my muscles and organs, my endocrine system, and memories. Any stored trauma is now released, just like that. No fuss is required. I now release it all to you. In its place, I call in peace, joy, silliness, childlike freedom and bliss, ENERGY, health, and glowing skin to remind me I am fully, and completely healed.

> I call in rainbows to surround me.

> The protection of all available light beings for me and my kids, my lover and his kids.

> I now enable my collaborators to protect us from anyone desiring ill will… distract them and remove them from our lives, kill any negativity or ill will dead, never ever reaching our worlds. Not even almost. And may a reflection of who they are be reflected back to them strongly, allowing them to see their own reflection and find their own love, leaving all thoughts and will towards us alone.

> I now call back to us everything that belongs to us, and return to them all that belongs to them.

> I cut any and all ties not of our highest path.

> May we be a force of power and sustenance, joy and bliss for each other every moment of life as we continue this journey.

> I now clear the path for our children. Removing every block, every unnecessary pain and suffering… and I now decree they get to learn through joy and celebration, like nothing we could have ever imagined.

> I leave behind the story that we must suffer to grow… and claim for myself, my partner and our lineages… WE LEARN ONLY from bliss, celebration, joy, happiness and neutrality.

> We have the all wisdom needed, and all support needed to parent our children with grace and power, leading them on their highest path.

> Our children take amazing care of themselves and choose healthy, loving people to be in their world. They are unscathed by any of the abuse they have experienced. They simply expand and overcome with ease.

> We see the lessons and obey them well before their need to be pain. This is our gift.

> May our love heal all who are blessed to witness it, and may the whole world have a chance to witness it.

> I call in soulful fame, soul-aligned money and clients, opportunities for us to bring our wisdom to the world and leave a true wake of healing and wealth behind us everywhere we go, everything we do.

> Everything we touch turns to gold.

> Everything we do, we do simply because it’s our desire to do so, and the wealth rains down from the ethers into our lives, changing multi-generations with it.

> We have spaciousness, liberated lovemaking, and experience the greatest adventures life has to offer.

> We are always on an adventure, traveling, learning a new culture and unlocking new awakenings within us.

> We now are introduced to the very best, aligned mentors who will truly call us into greatness while making us feel special, loved, seen, known, understood and inspired. Our growth is rapid and makes no sense to the human.

> I call in all the most amazing things we could ever even think of that bring us contentment, joy, glee, awe & wonder, passion, drive, wisdom and a sense of safety.

> We feel more safety and trust than we have ever felt before and every moment it grows stronger and is felt more and more.

> Our creativity is overflowing.

> Our capacity to retain everything we experience and learn is exponential.

> We meet the most amazing humans all the time.

> Our money, joy and bliss simply multiply again again again.

> We have an epic boat that we create the most crazy and amazing memories on with ourselves, family and friends.

> We have a passionate purpose to donate and take care of entire villages, as well as our lineage.

> Our impact is huge.

> We have deep meaning and purpose in our lives, now. Today. And evermore.

Our home is absolutely pure and clean of all energies, we have the wisdom and know how to maintain it that way.

We live in a spacious home that feels good where our blended families feel loved, happy, playful, and at peace… and it feels like home to everyone and a place they love being at.

signeddddd… sealeddddd…. delivered ❤


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