My Second Aya Ceremony Experience

October 4, 2021

After the first trip to hell, I was surprised how ready I felt for this second experience just a couple of days later.

But even before I had left FL I knew the one experience planned wasn’t right for me. I had asked previously to go for a second ceremony. I had no idea why, something just didn’t feel right with it, and I fully trusted that.

So I started asking around to be able to do a second ceremony. They needed 8 people… lol. I found one friend who wanted to do it with us. I told the woman to ask Jayaji anyways because I already knew it was going to happen. hahaha.

And it did.
There were 7 of us, and if I could have hand-picked a group, this would have been one of the groups I’d have chosen. World healer, famous musician, and powerful, magical soul friends.

It was extraordinary before it even began!!
But I was nervous.
A small part of me was remembering just how painful and hard the first experience was… wondering why I was doing this to myself.

But a much bigger part of me just knew… had known for weeks so I was bubbling with excitement.

We got together and began.
First dose – nothing.
Second dose – nothing but nausea.

I started to have racing thoughts… oh god… it’s happening again.

But this time it was a much smaller group and I got to intuitively feel when I was ready for the next dose.
I took the third dose much, much sooner this time.

I spent some amount of time in nausea and purging… wondering if I should take the 4th dose or if it was going to do anything…

And then pure magic happened.
I find it impossible to explain but I will tell you the somewhat explainable parts…

I found myself with this loving presence who stayed just out of my line of sight. I could just see the outline of her next to me and behind me.

But she said: “What do you want to know?”
And I sensed this profound sense of wonder that I could ask anything.

I scanned my body and felt a deep sadness about some family members I knew were suffering.

I said “I want to know how to heal them… how to help them.” and I sobbed… “Please, please show me how to heal them.”

Many things happened but one of them was that I found myself sitting in the galaxy with each soul of my family. The soul beyond this life, yet aware of this life. And we talked. I asked forgiveness for things, I told the truth about things that hurt me and then healed them… one by one. We cried, we laughed and we healed together.

Aya showed me how to scan their body and heal things, Release things. I had a slight awareness of my body doing strange things– waving my hands, doing wiggles and lines and flicks, using nets to sift out the bad and leave the good, and send it to the source to be cleansed.

I understood that these gestures and intentions healed them deeply. I held their heart, I held them in my arms and told them how unconditionally I love them, every single part of them.

And I knew it was real.
I knew energetically this was changing the quantum soul field for them. I spent hours with them & my kids.

And I laughed as I realized my son Calvin was my brother in my past life. We had been doing this for many lifetimes.

During all of this healing, I became aware that everything is a Sacred being. The Mountains, water, forest… the potato I ate, the Abundance I felt… it was all alive. It was all present with me.

I felt such shock and awe that I had never realized this… I felt sadness that I had been so careless and unappreciative of everything around me. So unconscious. So oblivious.

I began to develop this new vision of myself where I was present with each bite, where the food came from, who worked to grow it and cook it. Sending gratitude, feeling the cycle of life inside of me. Present and grateful to all.
Present to the souls around me… truly understanding that this one
body they exist in is just a small part of who they BE.

So many things began to make sense to me.
I felt overwhelmed by the depth of the connection.
We are truly all connected.
There is a way to feel that and stop feeling so lonely all the time. SO disconnected.

And then… I became aware of my ability to astral travel.
When I came back to my body I realized I wasn’t in it previously.
I was far off in the galaxy.
Well sh**. Astro travel is real.
I always wondered.

Past lives are real.
Astro travel is real.
Energetic healing is real.
Sovereign beings in all things are real.
Infinite connection to all things is real.

So then I tried astral traveling and (this is wild, but you know I hold nothing back lol) I went to the galaxy and was dancing off of planets and then created my own.

With the same power that I had used to heal my entire lineage and family… I created a world.
With intention and the flick of my hand.
So effortless.
So fun.
So exciting.

I began to understand what it means to be God.
That there is no ultimate being separate from us, we are the co-creators that make up God.

This always felt so blasphemous to say with the religious indoctrination I had been taught. But it was undeniable.

Together, we are God.
We are capable of all.
Literally, there is nothing we are incapable of.

I felt this power and I began to understand why it has been suppressed. Why plant medicine has been demonized.

If only we understood our power.
If only we knew what we were missing out on by looking for this soul connection in something outside of ourselves.

It made sense to me why we are trying so desperately to look perfect, have all the stuff, and be on the top.
There is so much separation.
It’s so unnecessary.
We are so unconscious because we have been taught to fear this awakening.

I learned that Music is LIFE.
It’s how life exists. The frequencies create life.

I learned my spiritual gifts that are untapped are sound healing and soul healing.

My purpose is to awaken spiritual leaders to their path. To guide them and help them create abundance.

And I effortlessly allow new, extraordinary things to happen and truly trust the process.

It’s all wild.
And so very real.

My deepest prayer is that all those who feel called to awaken in similar ways find the courage and means to do so.

We are awakening.
There’s too much momentum for it to be stopped.
The movement of soul evolution and spiritual awakening is in full effect.

I feel so grateful to be a part of it.
It took SO MUCH for me to be open to this.
To have the courage to allow it.
To create the means to claim it.

And it was worth every single hard moment.

And now I get to allow myself to become this conscious, present, grateful tender woman who honors these sacred beings all around us.
I get to allow these spiritual gifts to develop.
I get to act in alignment with the purpose shown to me.

And it all feels so so right.

m xx

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