Phase 2

November 3, 2021

Ok… I’ve cried my tears and now I feel BIG RELIEF.
I feel my power returning…

I have such a clear understanding that it’s time to put my focus and attention on building this EPIC YEAR now.

I have gotten clear.
Made my decision & committed in a way I cannot back out from.
Released the non-aligned things.
Felt the pain.
Acknowledged the fear.
Gotten coaching.

And now it’s time to show up BIG for my life and my loved ones.

It’s time now… and today I am feeling this.
Just allowing myself to feel the new level… who I am, who I choose to be.

And my very first move is to write out and feel this new life.
To allow my nervous system to feel safe at this new level. To allow my brain to catch on that this is a new reality.

It’s TIME.
Here we go… PHASE 2

I feel effortless alignment happening.
Everything is working out for me.
Energy flows through me with ease & grace.

Clients show up out of nowhere and join.
My business is organized & clear and my team lifts and supports each other and LOVE working for me!
New money goals are reached and it feels so good.
Wealth flows through me into EVERY area of my life.

I am wildly loved.
I am treated with love and gentleness everywhere I go.
Life feels light and bright.
I feel deep love flowing from the source throughout my life.

My kids are on an epic journey of finding their soul’s path and are fully taken care of by Source.
I enjoy being their mother and simply having a chance to love them.
I easily hear and obey guidance as their mother, regardless of what anyone else thinks or says.

Cash flow investments are simple to learn and I walk them out with ease. Upgrading my home is so simple and I always have all the support I need.

I have creative ideas flowing every day for how to give more value to my clients.
I make new friends with whom I feel a soul connection all the time!

Exciting new home options pop up all the time and I feel more and more clarity about where we want to live.

Everything just always keeps working out!!

m xx

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