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Self-Study Program

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2019, Apr 30

Awakened CEO

This is 10 days of full-on massive support to embrace and embody the GLOBAL CEO in you to back yourself in living your purpose.
Day 1 – Your Personal VISION & Money Mindset.
Day 2 – The clear mind & decisive moves of the AWAKENED CEO.
Day 3 – The Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Energetics of the Awakened CEO.
Day 4- Owning Your Role as a Leader to the Leaders Embracing your magnetic role to your audience.
Day 5 – Your Business Vision Creating a magnetic BRAND that will stand the test of time.
Day 6 – CEO Boundaries You are letting people waste your time, and you are letting things drain your energy.
Day 7 – The Habits & Schedule of the AWAKENED CEO.
Day 8 – The Roles in a Global Company We are going to teach you all of the roles in Mandy Perry Inc, their task lists, and how to hire incredible people
Day 9 – Break though FEAR and Excuses and SHOW UP no matter what comes at you.
Day 10 – Live Q&A recording for all the questions that come up and aren’t answered on the daily LIVES & Q&A – This tends to be one of the most powerful days of all in the groups.

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This is a Self-Study program. Once you join, you will get an email with all the details about how to access the recordings.

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I loved this course! I appreciate Mandy’s style, a straightforward approach with love and honesty, she is teaching fundamental concepts in a way that sinks into your soul and changes your life.

Highly recommended ????????????

Simona Spark

This course was EXACTLY what I needed! Mandy is so straightforward and simplified things into easy steps that allowed me to walk through my own mindset blocks and negative story loops.

After completing the 10 days I feel as though I am more aware of my thoughts and of the actions I back those thoughts with. I am more confident, able to sort my thoughts, goals, and dreams and I KNOW that backing those with powerful action will bring more good things my way! If you’re feeling stuck, I highly recommend this course! Thanks, Mandy!

Seija Somero Boyle