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Product Type

Self-Study Program

Original Date

2020, Sep 25

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Brave AF

This is for you if you…

  • Know you are holding back
  • Feel called to something greater
  • Know you could be scaling but aren’t
  • Feel a desire to be more STEADY & consistent in the needle movers
  • Desire to know exactly when soul is guiding you and obey instantly
  • Want to feel lit the fk up about life and business again
  • Are avoiding doing the very thing that makes all the $
  • Know confusion is a BS pattern and feel ready to release it
  • Know fear is actually a compass showing you where to go, and desire to GO there
  • Have an area of life that you REALLY want change in (maybe not even admitting it to yourself fully)
  • Know there is something specific you NEED to do but it is scary AF to acknowledge

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