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Self-Study Program

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2018, Dec 8

Client Overflow

When you are done with CLIENT OVERFLOW it will seem SILLY that it was ever “hard” to get clients.

When you doubt you, need to prove you, and are worried about protecting you.. people sense this.
You do not need to struggle to be a good person. It does NOT need to be complex and HARD for it to be EPIC.

MOTTO: We only do what the business requires of us… and then we go play. PLAY HARD. IT’S OK TO WANT IT ALL

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I had been in a state for several months of knowing that I was ready to finally, really, truly, genuinely launch my coaching business, but had somehow gotten myself into this state of paralysis.

A deer in headlights, unable to move, paralysis. And then after following Mandy for quite some time, I decided to reach out to see if she accepted men into her programs as her primary audience is powerful bad-ass women!

Mandy replied, that her programs are open to the occasional man that is willing to step into the level of life she brings forward! I immediately signed up for Client Overflow as I felt it was the inflection point I needed to begin selling my services and attract clients.

Holy mother of God! Mandy unloads her wisdom and rattles your cage to wake you up to what’s possible through real live demonstration of where she has been and where she is going. I got the tools, training, and proverbial kick in the ass, that I needed to finally launch my brand!

I’ve launched my coaching offer, created my sales page, and started selling on the daily, all from the tools and push from her amazing training! I literally bawled my eyes out as I felt the paralysis lift and my message and me showing up in brand new ways.

Thank you Mandy for teaching me it is all just about BEING ME and the right audience and clients will show up! I’m so excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to experience more as I let my light shine bright, just like Mandy does!

Richard Matteson

One client down!! 3 to go to hit my $20K mo goal!!! Magic is happening!!????????‍♂️❤️

Laurie Alphabet Schible