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Self-Study Program

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2021, Jan 28

Creator Genius

You know you can create 100x more powerful results, but things feel like chaos.
It’s like there is always a new thing you MUST learn.
“Who’s to know that this one thing isn’t THE thing that will help me finally breakthrough?”
You desire to be in your GENIUS CREATOR, instead of spending all of your time as the student and consuming everyone else’s stuff… but time seems to keep passing without that happening.
You see these women online who are killing it, showcasing their numbers and books and sexy bodies and you die a little inside.
You don’t want to be jealous but you shut down a little as this feels so out of reach.. I mean, you KNOW you could… if you would just be focused and consistent.

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Wowsa, another powerful one. Thank you Mandy!

Liberty Hoffer

CELEBRATION: After years of putting photography aside due to burnout and feeling completely trapped by it all, I’ve just announced I’m going back to offering sacred portraiture!! I’m combining Human Design with photography ????

This is a massive win for me as I’d been SO resistant – and then today there was the perfect storm in terms of synchronicity… and within hours I had already made the announcement, website, and marketed on my new Instagram! YAY FOR BEING A CREATOR GENIUS AGAIN ❤

Melissa de Blok

Just after making the investment in working with Mandy, I am seeing expansion in all areas of my life. I am booking clients left and right and I am feeling like my services are valued and I am legitimizing my business.

Melisa Celikel