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Self-Study Program

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2020, Jan 25

Digital Revolution

Those who want to make more money but are done pushing themselves so hard.
You want to sell from a HEART-centered place rather than a pushy used car salesman place.
You desire to help people and make money now and are willing to let it be SIMPLE.
You would like to build this global company organically without all the fancy complicated funnels and ads.
You are wanting more engagement and connection online.
You desire to know exactly how to show up on EACH platform to create engagement, give amazing value, and sell in a loving but powerful way.
You have so much to teach you don’t know which thing to focus on, which one will sell, or be successful. It feels like you have to have a broad message to incorporate everyone.
You want online programs to be SIMPLE. Right now it feels complicated: How? What do I charge? How long? How do I know which platform to use? Which do I collect payments with? What if no one buys it?
It feels like you do not have enough people following you on FB/ IG to do this and you want to know how to reach more people and utilize the ones you have.
You feel frustrated that you have to do so many different technical things just to have the basics done in the business to be successful.
You want to speak in a way that shifts people from inspired to TAKING ACTION.
You want to master the skill of the money conversation when people reach out to join.
You desire to wake up every day with a powerful program to sell, know the system to keep recreating the success, and know exactly what to say daily to be successful.
You desire to BLOW YOUR CLIENTS mind when you deliver the content so they become life long clients

Your Journey Starts Here

This is a Self-Study program. Once you join, you will get an email with all the details about how to access the recordings.

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I just upgraded a client from $2500/month to an $8,500/month client ????✨????????????????

All I’ve done is to listen to Mandy in business for my spiritual connection (which I did not have at all prior to October 2019)

I got a book deal too for heaven sake.

Jillian Howard-Bowman

Celebrating the “official” launch of business by declaring it and doing lives and blogs on my personal page! No more tip-towing around it! No more hiding! Nothing is stopping me now!!!

Oksana Irwin

I’m celebrating making the decision to join DR with the FIRM commitment to my success. There is no “if this works”…There is only “I am going all in and I’m lovingly letting go of my fears and I’m embracing my excellence and I’m doing this and I’m doing it HUGE!

Lainna Sutton