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Self-Study Program

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2020, Mar 5


You were never truly going to be stopped.

Not by fear.
Not by doubt.
Not by old wounds.

It was always YOU, and you were ALWAYS going to BECOME.
The time was always meant to be NOW.
There is just something for you to GET. LEARN. UNDERSTAND. HEAL. RELEASE. GROW into. BECOME.
It was always about becoming the real you, and in order to do that.. the old must be healed, shifted, transformed.. and the pattern must be broken once and for all.
It’s time to allow your pain and your drama to teach you
It’s time to understand it and outgrow it.
It’s time to let it help you to become the person you were always meant to be… where you are meant to go…

and how to get there.

This expansion will change all areas of your life.

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Healed is my absolute favorite program!

Mandy continuously challenges us to look at the things that we want to avoid, but in healed it was like she brought before me the things that I didn’t even know were there and gently encouraged me to uproot deep seeded pain from the past, face the feelings it brought up and allow healing to occur.

I know I’ll be reaping the benefits of this program for the rest of my life and THAT’S a wise investment.

Katie Gray

Celebrating opportunities to realize just how fking smart and amazing I am. I forget (because I surround myself with like minded people) that so many people are uninformed, clueless or lost. They crave what we have. They crave the knowledge, the confidence, the ambition… I AM special

Adaina Biggs