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Self-Study Program

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2019, Aug 22

Love Your Way Rich

This is our one trip around the sun.
It’s time to make it count, it’s time to REALLY ENJOY every single day of our lives.
It’s time to step up and expand your reach and leave your legacy.

-This is going to be one hell of a wild ride and experience TOGETHER.
– This is going to bring stability and consistency you’ve never had before.
-This is how you develop the POWER to heal others’ lives alongside them.
-This is the key to time & financial FREEDOM.
-This is how we build a deep connection and LOVE with others in all the areas of our lives.
-This is how you GROW rapidly and watch life begin to transform into the life you are in AWE about. Truly.
-This is how you change the world.

Every day of this journey we are going to rewire our nervous system and brain to back our vision and dream life.

It’s not enough to have the head knowledge.
We integrate it through experience.

This isn’t a MAYBE this will work… this is going to CHANGE YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE in the most profound, epic ways.


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So much gratitude for these tools, growth work, community, celebrations. Thank you all!

Karla Johnston-Krase

Celebrating! I just posted my first offer for the very first program I have developed.

Trusting myself and the universe while doing the aligned work that is set before me to do…feeling like I am stepping into some bigger shoes but that my growth WILL happen…IS happening right now! Here’s to expanding through the fear????

Stephon Blalock