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2020, Jul 26

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Self-Study Program

Monetize Your Journey Course

No one is you, and that’s your power.

By the end of this program you will know:

  • Exactly how to monetize your JOURNEY to each new level you bring yourself to.
  • What growth to monetize.
  • How to stand out and be sought after in your field.
  • How to create the program so it’s fully in alignment and sells
  • How to write copy and bring the magic in lives and writing… WITHOUT being anything you aren’t.
  • How to use your flaws, failures, and wins to get new clients from out of nowhere.
  • How to grow your business organically – with nothing fancy.
  • How to finally ACTUALLY stop caring what others will say and just fking serve your peeple DEEPLY.
  • How to get out for you own way and MASTER this skill.
  • The difference between monetizing your journey and building a business you can step away from (and how to do both so there’s no waste of time!).
  • Exactly what programs to create, hwo, how to sell them and how to do this on repeat, any damn time your little heart desires.
  • How to do all the tech… without having to do any tech lol (not kidding).
  • How to use your offers to launch you to the next level in every area of your life, over and over.

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Thank you for BEING!!!! You are the reason I never gave up on my dreams!!!

Kari DeWitt

This was a great course! With great people!

Angelika Milonas

This group was great….
I’m ready to create my sales pages!!

Heidi Lyn