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Self-Study Program

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2019, Jun 28

Online Business Mastery

Your dream life created by your DREAM BUSINESS.
More money, more joy, more FUN… NOW.

I am SO EXCITED to finally answer the call for HOW to do your online business!!!


I am literally going to be covering every single needle-moving piece of the online business with you in this program.

Most of you are doing WAY more than you need to be doing, and are not doing the NEEDLE MOVERS with excellence… and if you keep this up you will burn out, if you are not already feeling it coming on now.

The whole point of doing this business was to BE WILDLY OBSESSED WITH IT.
To be free to travel, be free of money worry, spend time with loved ones, make amazing new friends, and leave an impact on this planet… for THE BUSINESS to back your dreams.

BUT if you are being really honest with yourself… you’re not enjoying this as much as you thought you would…

Something inside of you is simply SCREAMING for this to be PASSIONATE, FUN,wild, adventurous… for you to be the leader you feel called to be… and to leave a BIGGER IMPACT on this world.

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Hi friends! I’m a firm believer in honoring and celebrating your mentors, teachers and elders. They went first to pave a path that made it easier for us that choose to rise up to follow. I’ve been blessed to have invaluable support from amazing mentors I’ve invested in to help me become the version of myself I am today and continually strive to grow into greater excellence and mastery all the time. There are not enough words to describe Mandy Perry for all that she is and all she has done to help me grow, shed fear, celebrate success, own my worthiness and stretch me into my next level self. She told me once that #wearethesame and it brought tears to my eyes and I hold those words close to my heart everyday. Thank you, Mandy, for being such an inspiring and integral part of my growth and expansion. I admire, adore and love you SO much.

Amiee Boswinkle

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Mandy Perry! I’ve worked with you sooo much this year and am so grateful to have you in my life. I was afraid to join you for the Online Business Mastery program b/c I knew I hadn’t been showing up at 100% in the other programs.

I kept thinking, “what if I just half-ass this like I did the others… What if I don’t make my money back… What if this what if that…”

I knew it was different this time. Idk why but I just knew and I’m so happy and grateful I said yes. I have learned and implemented every single thing you’ve taught us and I can honestly say I’ve grown tremendously and am already seeing the return on this.

I trusted myself when my heart said leap and my soul backed it. That’s what I’m instilling in my work now – heart and soul-centered alignment.

When you know something is right for you you just know. There’s no way to explain it to others that makes logical sense lol there’s no answer anyone can give you except the one your heart and soul agree on.

I think what’s stuck with me the most from this training is how easy it all gets to be. I don’t have to do all the BS stuff other programs tell you you ‘have’ to do to have a successful business. It’s just like I tell my clients – if you can see the path in front of you it’s not yours to take, go create your own.

Thank you for allowing me to be me, answering all my questions, and doing life with me.

Rebecca Pfanner Branham