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2020, Jun 20

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Self-Study Program

Rapid $500K Sales Bootcamp


  • You get sales is an act of love and are ready to master it
  • You desire to help people move from considering to ALL IN
  • You are ready to embody consistency and clarity in your sales
  • It feels like something may be off with your sales process
  • You haven’t been letting SALES be the priority
  • It doesn’t feel like their sales are as powerful as you desire
  • You do good for a while then stop, and have to start all over again
  • Start-stop, start-stop energy happening #human
  • There’s a bit of wishy-washy energy going on with the sales
  • You’re feeling a lack of clarity on WHAT and HOW to sell daily with ease & flow
  • You feel like you’re always working towards getting there

 We have this illusion that life will be hard if we do what is hard each day… 

But nothing could be further from the truth.

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I’ve made $3288 in 48 hours!

Amiee Boswinkle

This course was incredible Mandy! I am ready to relisten to the entire thing again. There have been so many pearls of wisdom, valuable nuances, and distinctions. There were also so many great prompts and questions I will continue to explore over and over.

Thank you Mandy Perry for sharing your genius with us!!

Liberty Hoffer

I can’t help the people I’m meant to serve if I stay hidden and avoid risk. Inspired and supported by the amazing Mandy Perry, I believe when we fully accept ourselves, stop apologizing for who, what, and how we are, we can create the life we desire.

Lisa Zaras