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Self-Study Program

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2019, Oct 4


The complete unleashing of your most powerful self so you can make the money, feel RELAXED, have the time you want, and BE the person you feel called to be NOW…

Your business is evolving
You are growing fast
Your whole life is shifting
Your integrity is deepening
You are processing loss
You are challenging every ability you have
You are stepping into the biggest role LIFE has ever asked you to play.
As you do you will experience CHALLENGING moments that require a NEW level of you.

In order to embrace these challenges with grace and ease, you will need to ALIGN to a deeper level of YOU.

If you don’t, you WILL BURN OUT. You may already be feeling it.

Your Journey Starts Here

This is a Self-Study program. Once you join, you will get an email with all the details about how to access the recordings.

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I love #celebrating with my mentor, Mandy Perry. Since joining Savvy and your Templates Programs, I’ve been able to call my ass to more in my personal life. I’ve been able to make my power moves automatic and the first thing I do each day and I actually look forward to doing them!

Most importantly, I’ve been able to release all the extra BS I felt like I had to do b/c it’s what works for others. Just b/c it works for others doesn’t mean it’ll work for me and I’m so grateful to be able to share that concept with my tribe

I freaking LOVE the tribe I’m building, we are connected and we choose to do life #together.

Rebecca Branham

Wanting to thank my mentor Mandy Perry for the life-changing level of content, and real-life tools that she drops on her tribe.

I joined SAVVY with Mandy Perry in September feeling unclear, directionless, and knowing some things had to change. Mandy thank you for being the ultimate professional and never interjecting your opinion, but instead giving me tools to really get to the core of my feelings, my blocks, and to develop new ways of thinking about all the things that I had let step me in my tracks, and instead see that bright beaming light at the end of the tunnel.

Mandy really is a bright light to this world. She gives her whole heart, and then some.

I am still refining, getting closer to my truth, and further forward into my future. And to be able to break things down that typically overwhelmed me into dissolvable, understandable bits…well it’s masterful.

For example, stress and overwhelm go hand in hand in my world. And then I stop dead in my tracks, lose traction, I don’t show up the way I want to. But MAndy broke it down so simply for me. And I had this “Aha” that the overwhelm is really due to not having set clear boundaries. And clear boundaries are set by knowing what I want, allowing that to be my guide. I started to become aware of all the ways I am screwing myself when I don’t have a clear end goal to guide my decision-making. When I got clear on what it is I want to experience, it became easier to take input independently and either decide if It was a clear no, or a clear yes. And guess what, way less overwhelming. And no surprise, my business picked up immediately after this realization, because I was no longer spending time sitting in overhwhelm, but instead taking action towards what I desire.
Magic ????

Jennifer Salstrom