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Self-Study Program

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2019, Sep 6

Success Templates


– 30 days of non stop hacks done for you
– 4 Q&A sessions for all questions
– 2 BONUS audios that only my private clients have had access to including, Mandy’s LIFE: Behind the scenes.

I was out for a run at the beach when I stopped and realized… OMG… They need my templates… not only so they know how to hack business and life… but so they stop wasting SO much time doing EXTRA things they never needed to do.

What if I were to tell you that 80% of the systems, planning, and resources that you think you need are simply wasting your time and money?

What if you could skip YEARS of trial and error and learn how to do it all the right way from the get-go.

What if you could SCALE in record time. (If ONE can ALL can)


Find someone who has the result you want and learn from them.
That’s the wisdom drop for you today.

This is your chance to get access to everything I have learned done for you and organized for you to print and have for life!

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I first met Mandy Perry at a workshop in New York at a workshop in March 2018. She stood out to me for sure and it’s been an absolute joy to watch her grow and THRIVE as she has. I’ve been meaning to publicly celebrate her for a while now because I have so much admiration for her, so here goes Mandy. I’m excited to celebrate you!

1. Mandy’s spirit is full of joy and it’s pretty contagious so if you watch one of her livestreams, you’ll feel it and reap the benefit of it.
2. Mandy has transformed her life INCREDIBLY through tirelessly working on herself. She had a tough start in life and the challenges continued into adulthood. She shared recently that it was just 5 years ago that she finally decided to get joyful. She is living proof that choosing joy and gratitude as a consistent state is massively transformative.
3. She doesn’t entertain ‘victim mentality’. She won’t listen to your excuses of why it won’t work. Instead, she guides you to look for new possibilities and a way that it will work – a true leader who helps you find your power!
4. She wants to use her business for good – she is more motivated by solving world hunger than Chanel handbags. It resonates with me so much!
5. She is incredibly courageous and invests huge amounts of money in her growth to back herself. She believes in herself so much that she recently invested in Tony Robbin’s Platinum program, a $130K investment when paid in monthly installments. If you are prepared to back yourself to that extreme, you’ll make damn sure that you show up and make your investment pay off and that’s what she is doing.
6. She is a brilliant single mom and puts her children first always. She shares a lot about the challenges that come up with parenting which I can relate to. She is also a great example of how you can still run a very successful business and be there for your kids.
7. She is heart-driven. She talks about love a lot. She doesn’t put others down. She is committed to staying in a positive vibration that is fueled by unwavering love – just check out the banner on her FB group called “Heart Driven CEO”.
8. She sets intentions, states goals… and doesn’t always meet them, but she picks herself up when she falls and shares it publicly. It’s so human and helps me to remember that I’m still on the right track even if I too don’t always succeed in doing what I said I would by said date.
9. She is wise. Sometimes she comes out with stuff that makes me think – usually about how I have been over-complicating things ????.
10. Her hashtag is #togetherwerise. She talks a lot about doing life together. She doesn’t try to be the all-knowing leader, who is above her tribe, with everything figured out. I see myself doing life together with her and her tribe – of course, she has attracted awesome people in her tribe who I also feel honored to know!

It’s rare that I share publicly and in such detail about someone who inspires me, but this girl deserves it. Thanks, Mandy. I’m so glad and grateful to have you in my life!

Niamh Dee

Want a shot of inspiration and motivation? Well let me tell you – follow and learn from Mandy Perry!

She is just a phenomenal human being, who brings me back to remembering why I do what I do and inspires me via her journey!
She reminds me that if she can do it, so can I.

I have watched her and have known her and have been lucky to be in her orbit and her life since 2017 and she is just amazing!!
She is sooooooo generous and kind and has the biggest heart!!!!

I love love love her doing life together philosophy! It so resonates with me!!! Bring everybody along with you to grow and have the most epic amazing life!!! Um – yes, please!!!!

She holds nothing back and gives you her all – literally!!!

She provides so much value as a coach, mentor, friend, mother, and human being!

Sharon Koshy

Mandy is really good at keeping things simple.

She’s really good at maintaining high energy for her clients, and she challenges me to have courage and not care what others think – which has been a long time weakness of mine.

When I encourage others to get help, find a coach, put yourself in an uncomfortable position so you can grow, I think of her.

Mary Aldrich