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Self-Study Program

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2020, May 29

The Ultimate How to Course

This course is me giving you an opportunity to stop wasting your time trying to study everyone else to learn your power moves and how to design your money-making flow, and company design… and actually NO BS have the clarity NOW to design it based on YOU from the get-go, or before you scale to that next level and get trapped.

Trapped feels dramatic to say, but it’s the honest word. #rawtalk

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I took this course because my spirit leapt when I read the description. I’m not even coaching yet because I’m unclear about my “voice” and niche. I know I will use the back-of-house tasks as an excuse to not actually get clients.

So now I’ve removed that obstacle with the contents of this course. I’m not letting up until I know who I am talking to and how to say it. Excited to be here.

Misty Wright

Celebrating a new client session! And 3 new members in my membership! I guess showing up works!

Steph Zito