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Self-Study Program

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2020, May 20

The Unresisted Life

Feel right on the edge of a huge breakthrough to the next level, but it’s just not happening…
Just want to make the $ NOW without all the drama, guilt, confusion, overwhelm or fear…
You keep throwing $ at things hoping it will work this time…
You sometimes feel triggered by luxury, sexy women, expensive things, people being treated with importance…
You desire a deeply meaningful life and all the money, sexy & support you desire.
Know you are meant for multiple 7-figures but it feels hard.
Feel alone or flat more often than you’d like.
Desire all the $ things but it’s not what drives you.
If you are really honest, you really want it all… and don’t want to feel conflicted about it anymore.
You just want to feel at ease & clear.

Your Journey Starts Here

Access this program and dozens more!  Join the Le Million membership today.

Just signing up, I unresisted the attraction and increased production for 2 new customers:
1 for approx $75k p/yr and the other approx $180k p/yr. Essentially adding 50% to our business.

Carly Lownds

Celebrating!! HUGE breakthroughs already! I’m getting what I want!

I now see the areas where I’ve been getting it through a means that is not in alignment with my soul. I’ve been validating the wrong way. It’s like I’ve been stepping in the way of my true desires this whole time without even realizing it. I’ve told myself that what I’m desperate for isn’t right or isn’t possible for me. Bullshit stories that I am releasing this very moment. “

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone!! I can see ALL obstacles in my way!”

Katie Gray

I’m celebrating ending my day feeling amazingly high vibe and totally expanded. I love feeling completely open and available to opportunities. When I’m in this receptive state, I know that all good things are coming, but it really doesn’t even matter. It just feels good to feel good.

Lainna Sutton