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Self-Study Program

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2019, Feb 6

Wild at Heart

Learning to feel safe having what you want
Learning boundaries
Learning to feel safe DOING YOUR OWN THING
Recognizing what shit is stuck to you that never belonged there
Learning what rules you have allowed to slip in
Spitting out the pills you take to numb yourself because you can’t be what the world says you need to be
Processing and releasing all the trapped emotions inside that keep building and controlling you
Changing the energetic STANDARD YOU HAVE and raising the mother fkg BAR
Learning BRAVERY. Being brave enough to make moves that BACK YOURSELF and your dreams
I have the life of my dreams
I am lit the fk up EVERY SINGLE DAY
I feel truly free and worthy to have all I ever long for or desire
I know how to get clear what I want and have the bravery to go for it.
This is all learnable.

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