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Core Course Calendar & Descriptions

Some courses are so powerful, so transformative, they require the support of live coaching, peer support and live Q&As. The courses and workshops listed here are only offered live. Get on the waitlist or subscribe to our mailing list to be notified about when registration opens for each course.


A Life Worth Living – What really matters to you, WHY, and how to let that BE what you live for

The Power of Vulnerability – Owning all of you, and letting the world see and calibrate

The Art of Becoming – How to evolve all areas of life RAPIDLY & wisely

Flow – No more start stop start stop – your needle movers, why and how to actually do them



Happy & Wealthy – 30 most powerful mindset shifts 0-1MM

ACA – Step by step build biz online

Money Mastery – How to generate a lot of money NOW – exact opposite of what everyone else is doing



Vitality – Accept body as is, let go of dieting BS and bingeing, and finally become the steady human you desire 

Feminine – Relationships: Try on being feminine from a non- expert that really gets it 


Giving Back

Leading Leaders – How to draw in high end A-game players.. Its not what you think 

Rich Stable & Generous  – What not to do when you make a lot of $ – outgrow ego and get stable – tell story of my big financial mistake. Generosity without Ego. 

Upcoming Courses

  • May  – MYJ
  • June – Life worth Living
  • July – Power of Vulnerability  / ACA
  • Aug – Becoming
  • Sep – Flow
  • Oct – Happy & Wealthy
  • Nov – ACA 
  • Dec – $ Mastery 
  • Jan – Vitality (Body, Energy, Mind) 
  • Feb-  Leaning into Feminine 
  • Mar – Leading the leader / ACA
  • April – Rich stable and generous