Resistance To $, Sexy & Love…

May 29, 2022

I know it can be triggering af to accept that fitness & being in great shape matters.
To feel that money matters.
To feel that romance and freedom matter.

Oh, I get it.

It feels hard to intimately accept where we are at and CHOOSE to face it and believe we can create something better for ourselves and our loved ones.

We experience pain and angst when we LOOK at it and really tell the truth about what we wish we could have with ZERO evidence we can.

But I want to tell you something that I remind of myself every day as I allow myself to be around GREATNESS… it’s just the ego saying we are already supposed to be there.

And when you can have the emotional strength and courage to accept where you are and tell the truth about what you desire, and you have the capacity to HOLD THIS…

Something internal begins to shift.
The pain will pass.
The temper tantrum will pass.

You won’t get the evidence.
You won’t magically be different tomorrow when you wake up… but what will be true is you will strengthen, grow, expand, evolve…

You will open up pathways for this to come to you and be your reality no matter what the brain is freaking out saying.

And you will begin to let go.
To opt into something new.

You won’t know how, you won’t feel certain.
You will simply open to being an energetic match for what you desire and THAT IS ALL THAT WAS EVER REQUIRED.

Open & then maintain the new frequency.
This is my deepest work on the planet, both in walking myself through my own pain and temper tantrums and awakenings… and holding your vision and frequency with you until you master it and move to the next one lol.

I love you.
It’s time to tell a bigger deeper truth.
It’s time to allow yourself to dream again.
It’s time to see what is truly in store for you when you allow it to be yours.


m xx

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