Sometimes It’s Hard To Admit We Want To Be Wealthy…

June 5, 2022

We say we want to, but usually, it’s followed with but’s and just so’s.

I’ve gone through many waves of this myself as the human walking out my legendary life.

After making my first million I remember saying over and over to my mentors how much I didn’t care about money. It wasn’t because the frequency of wealth itself felt bad, it was because I was going through the season of realizing that money didn’t rescue all the people I thought it was supposed to rescue.

A lot of things that feel like we don’t know HOW to achieve are hard to admit, because what we FEEL in that moment is:
– The pain of not having it.
– The self-criticism of not having done enough.
– The feeling of not being enough.
on and on it goes.

But if I never walked myself through the BS story that I didn’t care about money, I’d never have become the woman who sees everyone in their POWER.
I’d never have learned that there is no one to rescue.
I’d never have learned how to stop being co-dependant with everyone I loved.

And ultimately, I’d have stayed living in a space of feeling over-responsible, guilty, and shameful for not being able to rescue everyone.


It is about how we THINK, FEEL, AND BE.
Any aversion we have to admit we desire to have money, isn’t about the money.
It’s about who we think we need to be or will become in order to do so.

The only thing you ever had to do to create wealth was to BE MORE YOU.
All you.
The real YOU.
And nothing but you.

How you think? YOU
How you believe? YOU
How you talk? YOU
How you design your business? YOU
How you manifest the money? YOU
How you give? YOU

The world has been staring at everyone else for far too long, thinking that only THEM they can be is a varied version of someone else, and this is the greatest betrayal of the Soul.

Our work, together, is to have the courage to GO WITHIN and produce our very own kind of magic… and this of course, leads to a lot of wealth.

How could it not?
It’s impossible to be consistently aligned with your highest self and not be wildly successful if you desire it.

m xx

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