That Scary Unknown Space Is Where All The Magic Is

December 10, 2021

There comes this crossroad every day… where who we have been and who we want to be met.

Every day this intersection happens, and every day we make a choice as to which path we will take. The old familiar path, repeating the very same day over and over, or the wild unknown.

The black abyss of who knows what…
Which feels scary … so… we repeat the same day again.

And day after day it passes without stepping into the new behavior – and we have absolutely no idea what we are giving up to stay comfortable.

All we know is what we aren’t losing.
We have the experience of life that we have and we don’t want to lose that… we want to protect that.

I had no idea that when I launched my business I’d make $1M dollars 25 months later. NOT ONE CLUE and I’d never ever known that’s what I was giving up.

>> I’d never have known what I gave up. <<

How astonishing is that!?
At the moment all I knew is what I could lose. I had no awareness of what I may gain
if I had the courage to go all in and really do this thing.

And I can’t help but wonder what magic experiences I have given up just trying to protect what is… trying to stay safe.

It’s a fun thought because it’s never too late.
What if everything in the scary unknown is EPIC AWESOMENESS lol… just ridiculously extraordinary amazement… just waiting for us to opt into it…

What if it’s vastly beyond anything we ever imagined?

What if…..

m xx

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