The Greatest Thing I Was Taught About Being Truly Happy

February 13, 2022

Today I felt a big exhale flowing through me.
I took a long hot shower.
I took a nap listening to the birds.
I felt the sun on my face.
I made love.

And there is one thing I have learned through this wild journey of manifesting my dream life so rapidly…


Every fear is bs…

There is enough time…
Abundance is real… you’re allowed to have what you need.
All the support you could ever need is already available to you.
Every NEED, desire, and goal is met instantaneously with infinite abundance.

>> and our work is to ACT LIKE IT.

It’s just victim and fear energy that rebuttals any of this.

You are the Sovereign Creator.
Act like it or don’t, we are free to choose.

My love, this is just a reminder to find your center.

m xx

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Understanding Karma

I keep finding myself in the middle of situations where I’m tempted to be defensive, to retaliate, or use this magical brain I have to get back at someone for hurting someone I love, taking advantage of, or being mean…
And. I understand Karma.

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Welcome to HUMAN

Sometimes I lose my s^*+
Sometimes I fall apart.
Sometimes I love bigger than I can ever even explain.
Sometimes I blow my own mind.
Sometimes I am deeply still.
Sometimes I’m flying in the ethers.
Sometimes I’m in so much pain I feel like I’m going to die.
Sometimes I’m so deeply in love it feels like I’m going to explode.

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I Was Missing It All

I thought I understood what I was being conditioned to be and breaking out of it…. But it took getting the result to see it for what it was…
The conditioning we are undergoing and being influenced to BE, is…..
to look perfect, have all the things and show the world we did it…. this what makes you valuable in our society….

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How I Heal The Deepest Parts Of Myself Daily

As I meditate… I begin to feel the noise and chaos inside…
All the things I’m tracking with 6 kids…
The mistakes I’ve made and things I wish I’d done differently.
Concerns about doing things well…
Insecurities about not being enough…
And I keep breathing and being present to them all…

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How to Heal Insecurity Quickly (which all humans feel…)

Pain / Thought
I am not attractive (successful, wealthy, etc) enough:
A belief that causes this particular suffering:
**My value is based on how I look. I have to be sexier and more attractive than other people or else I will not be important and will not be chosen (or keep the attention of my partner)
**This is true based on a population of people who are really caught in the trap of desire, physical appearance, and a need to be validated this way.

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