The Greatest Thing I Was Taught About Being Truly Happy

February 13, 2022

Today I felt a big exhale flowing through me.
I took a long hot shower.
I took a nap listening to the birds.
I felt the sun on my face.
I made love.

And there is one thing I have learned through this wild journey of manifesting my dream life so rapidly…


Every fear is bs…

There is enough time…
Abundance is real… you’re allowed to have what you need.
All the support you could ever need is already available to you.
Every NEED, desire, and goal is met instantaneously with infinite abundance.

>> and our work is to ACT LIKE IT.

It’s just victim and fear energy that rebuttals any of this.

You are the Sovereign Creator.
Act like it or don’t, we are free to choose.

My love, this is just a reminder to find your center.

m xx

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The Vision For Healing

We communicate powerfully and lovingly. We effortlessly navigate tough conversations and tough circumstances. We walked together hand in hand to get through ending the abuse of our lineage. When I bring things to his attention it’s in my power, with grace and love.

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Releasing The Story Of How It Supposed To Be

Back when I was escaping the crazy, I hyper-focused on work and made a million in 25 months from nothing… and it often feels tempting to hyper-focus again.
I moved, got divorced and got me and the kids into a safe space.
I thought… well, this is it.
Now I can just relax and enjoy life.
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The Bell Story

There’s a story about this bell…I got it from my mother’s friend 23 years ago and have never once put it on a tree.
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I kept this bell year after year.

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