The Vision For Healing

December 26, 2022

As I say, so it is…

We communicate powerfully and lovingly.

We effortlessly navigate tough conversations and tough circumstances.

We walked together hand in hand to get through ending the abuse of our lineage.

When I bring things to his attention it’s in my power, with grace and love.

When he communicates it’s with clarity & certainty.

I am grounded and he is decisive.

We speak our deepest truth and manage our emotions.

We always look the thing dead in the eye no matter how it feels.

We support each other and call each other into our power through recognition and truth-telling.

We are savvy, and conscious and pull in awesome resources to learn to show up powerfully.

It wasn’t always this way.

But we chose to allow ourselves to be seen how we truly were.. accept the work and learn and grow.

We allowed ourselves to lean deeply into the gratitude of being chosen to heal our lineage.

We celebrated all of the victories and held each other through the pain.

We both chose to walk OURSELVES through each situation and skill was missing.

No excuses, no pretending we didn’t know how to change it.

No panic to try to be heard or to distract from the feeling of not knowing how to handle it.

We let go of needing to “not know how”.

We let go of the REACTING.

We let go of panic…

We let go of avoiding it.

We let go of comfort…

We chose raw, naked looking at, seeing, feeling, surrendering and becoming.

Moment by moment we learned the new skill, the new energy and the new boundary & communication that changed everything.

And what we gained was indescribable.

What we gained was deep, profound wisdom, power, and ability to impact.

The ability to impact not only our own life, those around us, and our kids, but our entire lineage.

And nothing feels better than this.

m xx

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