Ok, y’all – I’m bringing the gold!!!

Listen to me for a quick minute…

It is… EASY… to get clients and most of you are complicating the SH** out of it.
SO I am dropping this program to help you not only break through and book your business out – but also to help you OWN YOUR POWER – and launch into the stratosphere!


When you are done with CLIENT OVERFLOW it will seem SILLY that it was ever “hard” to get clients.


When you doubt you, need to prove you, and are worried about protecting you.. people sense this.


It’s time to become unavailable for the struggle!

You do not need to struggle to be a good person. It does NOT need to be complex and HARD for it to be EPIC.


We only do what the business requires of us… and then we go play. PLAY HARD.


You were born a lion.. and a lion you will stay.


People label what they don’t know:
Money is evil
Success is EGO
Beauty is vain
Power is a trip
Thriving is selfish

Full expression is immature
LOVING epically is reckless
Pleasure is sin


What if we just started TELLING THE TRUTH y’all… A deeper truth.
What if the truth was important and SAFE.
What if your LONGINGS are the very thing that will guide you to living your purpose?


I want to be so in love I can’t think straight
I want to be on top of the whole damn world
I want to stand relentlessly in the victory stance
I want to be RICH AF
I want to heal millions of lives
I want to shock myself
I want to be the sexiest I have ever been
I want to SAY EVERY word in my soul to sayyyy
I want to have everything ~ Do everything ~ Be everything
I want to be surrounded by people who believe in their worth to this level & believe in my worth to this level.


I want a life of telling THIS LEVEL OF TRUTH.
Owning this level of THRIVINGGGGGG


I want a man who can look me in the eye and see the QUEEN in me and smirk at it knowing the KING in him.
I want friends that tell me to SHUT THE FK UP and JUST GO FOR IT… the ones who laugh at my antics and incessantly long-running humor lines.


I want VALUE exchange in every single conversation in my life for the rest of my life.


I want to put my feet down in every country in the world – and breathe in the air of every mountain top.

 I Want to go Forever


I want to be everything I could ever possibly be and die knowing I AM FKG SPENT.
I want my kids to ONLY KNOW a life of EPIC LEAPS and challenges and WINSSSS – the world is their playground.
I want SOUL MATE friends, lovers, clients, team, mentors that do LIFE together – family.
I want billions. I want Power, Wealth, Fame, Legacy, Freedom, Beauty, LOVE.
I want to leave my mark on this world and leave healing everywhere I go… and so I shall have it.
BECAUSE I am owning it, feeling worthy of it, claiming it, making room for it, and TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT IT.


and I want this for you


It’s time.
No more hiding. No more pretending you are smaller than you are.

And when you can shift into this place – HOW COULD YOU NOT GET CLIENTS??


When you are done with CLIENT FLOW it will seem SILLY that it was ever “hard” to get clients.


 You Ready?


Module 1 – The #1 thing to do to get clients NOW


Module 2 – HIGH-LEVEL positioning that attracts paying clients


Module 3 – Paths to clients – and FASTEST way


Module 4 – HOW TO ALWAYS have powerful content to say and write


Module 5 – My success routines – what I do personally to get clients


Module 6 – FB lives & BLOGS that sell


Module 7 – How to be everywhere on the internet “OMNIPRESENT”


Module 8 – COPY that creates your SOULMATE tribe and


Module 9 – Getting your clients EPIC RESULTS!


Module 10 – How to get HIGH-END clients to book without hesitation

This is an at home study course with pre-recorded trainings & ready-made downloadable worksheets. 


was $2997

I had been in a state for several months of knowing that I was ready to finally, really, truly, genuinely launch my coaching business, but had somehow gotten myself into this state of paralysis.

A deer in headlights, unable to move, paralysis. And then after following Mandy for quite some time, I decided to reach out to see if she accepted men into her programs as her primary audience is powerful bad-ass women!

Mandy replied, that her programs are open to the occasional man that is willing to step into the level of life she brings forward! I immediately signed up for Client Overflow as I felt it was the inflection point I needed to begin selling my services and attract clients.

Holy mother of God! Mandy unloads her wisdom and rattles your cage to wake you up to what’s possible through real live demonstration of where she has been and where she is going. I got the tools, training, and proverbial kick in the ass, that I needed to finally launch my brand!

I’ve launched my coaching offer, created my sales page, and started selling on the daily, all from the tools and push from her amazing training! I literally bawled my eyes out as I felt the paralysis lift and my message and me showing up in brand new ways.

Thank you Mandy for teaching me it is all just about BEING ME and the right audience and clients will show up! I’m so excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to experience more as I let my light shine bright, just like Mandy does!

Richard Matteson


One client down!! 3 to go to hit my $20K mo goal!!! Magic is happening!!????????‍♂️❤️

Laurie Alphabet Schible


I love this! I’m learning so much…thank you

Ruthie Zayas-Lisboa


#replay appreciate your candid responses, your emotional honesty & your dedication so much, Mandy. I just got all high hearing you describe ‘magic’ – yesssaaa! Thank you for your description and sharing with us your trust

Laura Miner


my favorite part of this chapter in my story, I hired my dream coach, Mandy Perry!!!! It all began with saying a big “HELL YES” to her new “Monetize Your Journey/$500k Year” Program.
I had no clue what I was getting myself into, but all I can say is, WOW!!!! When I enrolled, I got access to 30 of her most powerful programs AND a live group program for Q&A!!!!!!
Within just a few weeks of working with her in this particular program, I made such massive moves in my life/business that I became one of Mandy’s DIAMOND MASTERMIND clients!!!!! This has been my dream for 3 years!!!!!
The amount of value in her MYJ/$500k Year has helped me beyond what I imagined. All the programs I have drooled over for the last 3 years are literally at my fingertips!
I am not writing this as a brag on my accomplishments, but as a brag on HERS! The amount of value that she is offering still kinda blows my mind, if I am honest. She is literally showing you how she went from welfare to a million-dollar company!!!!
If you are struggling to push into full time coaching or are at a stuck point in your business, I can’t even begin to tell you how this could change your world!

Kari DeWitt





Q:  How do I reach you if I have questions? ** You may reach us at support@mandyperry.com for any questions you have about this program, logging into the Member Center, or any technical questions. Q:  Where can I access the trainings for this program?  ** For live programs, all content is first dropped into the exclusive Facebook group for the program, and then added to the membership area of the website.  It is also emailed to you. ** For self-study, pre-recorded programs, the content is always in the membership area of the site, where you may access it forever and can revisit any training you want, at any time.  
I obviously do not guarantee specific results. I know what is available for you if you are ready to show up. I have watched hundreds of coaches get results from this work, but you are required to do the work and actually participate actively in the program. I don’t guarantee increased income. Results may not be typical of all students.